I Wake Up At 6am Everyday

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You win the morning, you win the day. If you happen to follow the bearded man on Instagram (@bobbbaaaay), you see me toss that same phrase up every single morning when I’m just getting into the gym. I’m not sure where I first heard or read it but it stuck with me and is something that I live by.

I’ve realized that I’m a morning person but i’ve also realized that what works for me might not work for you. As I go through this blog post please know that I am not here to tell you this IS the key to jump starting your day… this just so happens to be what I have found as my perfect morning routine.

I’ve tried it all. Wake up, roll out of bed and start working. Wake up, meditate, read then start working. Wake up, write for 10 minutes, read for 20 minutes and then start working. I’ve lost count at the amount of morning rituals that I’ve tried in the past but I think that’s what it takes. Trial & error until you land on the perfect formula.

Let’s call this one, the bearded formula.

6am: my phone is buzzing. I usually hit snooze for 5 minutes before actually rolling out of bed and that’s not to check social media or to go back to sleep, it’s to mentally prepare myself for the day ahead of me which is usually jam packed.

6:05am: the phone is buzzing for my second alarm. My mindset - this day doesn’t know what or who it has coming… BOBBBAAAAY!

I roll out of bed, toss on my gym clothes that were laid out the night before and read my Daily Reminders + Goals out loud that are saved on the notes app on my iphone.

Daily Reminders

The Dos:

  • Say 3 Things i’m grateful for out loud

  • Give the day my absolute best

  • Eat healthy

  • Workout 60 mins minimum

  • Listen to podcasts / read

  • Count the 1-3 wins a day

  • Believe Bigger

  • Remind myself of patience

  • Breathe in / breathe out when stressed or overwhelmed

  • Live 24 hours at a time

  • Remind yourself of WHY you started

The Don’ts:

  • Stop overthinking

  • Cut out ANY Self-Doubt

  • Don’t focus on what other people are doing

  • Don’t worry about yesterday/tomorrow - worry about NOW


2019 - Making a living full-time off of creating

  • Business

    • Have a team of people working alongside me for Purpose in the Youth / Bobbaay

  • Finances

    • Make enough money to pay my bills and live full-time as a creative

  • Health

    • Continue to eat clean / workout 5-6 days a week

    • Continue to work on mental health daily

  • Well-Being

    • Treat everyday with ease, as if it’s a Sunday. Be happy, motivated and never complacent.

  • Spiritually

    • Do things for the right reasons

  • Family / Relationships

    • Express my love/gratitude to family/friends that mean the most

  • Lifestyle

    • Minimalist and living within my means

    • Seek discomfort and try things that interest me

Having just woke up about 10 mins ago, this helps me go into the day with the right mindset and intention. I’m a big believer in visualization. If you can see it and believe it, then it will happen. Reading it out loud almost feels like I’m committing myself to a personal contract and one that I do not want to break.

6:20am: departure of the content crib, it’s time to hit them weights!

I usually get into the gym by 6:30am, workout for 50 - 110 minutes and finish off with a 15 minute sauna. Since incorporating the sauna into my life it has been an absolute game changer. You feel like you’re melting in this thing and it feels as if it’s sucking out all the bad juice in you… it’s honestly lovely.

I also try to squeeze in a 10 minute meditation while in there which can be a little difficult at times. It seems people tend to schedule phone calls or therapy sessions with friends when the bearded man happens to be in there but it's okay. Life could always be worse so I keep my mouth shut and ohhmmmm away.

7:30 - 7:45am: I leave the gym. When I get back to the content crib, I stretch out the legs and take off the shirt (no flex for the neighbors, just trying to tan this Irish skin!) and off on a run I go. At first I was clocking in 3 miles but now the kid is up to 5… LETS GO!

This recently has started to feel like a 2nd meditation for me as I don’t listen to music and instead listen to everything happening around me which I talked about in a recent blog post One Breath At A Time so I won’t bore you again with the details.

8:30am: I get back from the 40 min run. I head inside to make a morning shake filled with protein powder, blueberries, almond milk, almond butter and a banana. I wish I could describe the excitement that is running through me as I fire up this blender. I love food but there is no better feeling than replenishing your body after putting in that WORK! I’m surprised my roommates haven’t killed me yet because this blender is looooud and they do not follow the bearded formula… the 6am wake-up.

Now I’m ready to feed the brain.

8:40am: I pour myself a cup of Iced coffee (huuuge coffee guy if you didn’t know), grab the book that I’m currently working on (right now it’s a memoir from the creator of Nike called Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, also huuuge Nike guy) and I sit outside. I put the clock for 30 minutes, flip on the do-not disturb mode on my iPhone and dive right into with my partner in crime… my coffee. No distractions at all, just me,the book and Diago… my palm tree.

You’d be surprised with how much you might enjoy reading when you can one, find the right book and two find time in the day to get into it without being distracted. Once that 30 mins is up, I finish the page and close up shop.

Now that my headspace is clear from the meditation, my brain juices are flowing from the book, my body is fueled up from the shake, it’s time to shower and really get to work.

9:10am: I’m sitting down at my desk in my bedroom or as I like to call it… my bedrudio (bedroom studio) and the foot is on the gas. At this point I’ve been up for 3 hours and have spent every single second of it on ME time. From the moment that phone started to buzz at 6am, everything that I’ve done was directly to help prime me for the day. I won the morning, not it was time for me to win the day.

Although I do toss this quote up on the gram every single morning, I quickly back out of the app and off my phone completely. I don’t check texts, emails, DM’s or the occasional FB message that slides in until I’m sitting down at the desk with the foot on the gas.

As I’ve tried all these morning routines, what I found to be the worst for me was getting up and starting the day by working. I always thought that if I do that, I’d be ahead of the game … right? For me, not really. It would mentally drain me so that by the time I was ready to hit the gym at 11am or noon, the only thing I was thinking about was the work I had done that morning or the things I needed to get done in the afternoon. Winning the morning meant that I had to win MY day before I even thought about anything else.

So like I’ve said, I’m not here to tell you guys + gals that this IS the perfect morning routine… this is just the bearded formula. Don’t get me wrong, routines can get boring because you feel as if you’re doing the same thing day in / day out but it does holds us accountable and leaves us no room for excuses. If we say we’re going to do something, we need to do it.

Find what works best for you, stick to it and just remember that winning your day or doing the things that you find the most value in for your personal and mental health should always be the top priority. Now go get them wins!