The Fear Of Missing Out Sucks

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If I’m being completely honest, I wish I had the dough to go to Coachella. I’m not much of festival / concert- goer, but if there was one festival I would like to cross off the list, it would be this one. Take all the LA “influencers”, throw them in a desert with dope music, amazing food, parties running 24/7 with beautiful weather, beautiful people and you have yourself one hell of a festival. Sounds right up my alley if you ask me.

In the picture perfect bearded man world, I would be going to events like this on a bi-weekly basis but due to this Uber Lyfe budget, we’re in no position to be tossing a quick thousand bucks on a weekend so therefore it’s a no go for me.

As the Thursday before weekend one of Coachella was coming to close, I was anxiously waiting to see who would be that guy or gal to toss up the first “Geolocation: Coachella Valley” on the gram because I knew this was only going to be the beginning of a 72 hour takeover of people posting their fancy outfits, the classic “Chella” pic in front of the ferris wheel or the squad deep pic with their entire crew. I’m not hating I’m just a big content guy, you feel me?

Thursday, April 11 at approximately 7:02pm PST the first pic hits the feed. Let the games begin.

Instead of living the festival through the people that I follow that were there, I was too consumed with shredding up these LA STREETS! When everyone flocks away for the weekend to make bad decisions, who else better to leave the keys to the city then to the bearded man.

Don’t you worry, LA was under great control.

Fortunately for me I was running around keeping busy, hustling, trying to stack up this cheedah that I didn’t have time to sit around and feel FOMO aka the fear of missing out. I was too busy listening to these priceless stories from my Uber passengers that I forgot I was even missing out on the damn festival.

I met a porn star who gave me the rundown on the bizz. Yes... it’s more than just getting paid money to hook-up with people, it’s an actual business and I respected the way this man approached it. He offered to give me a couple pointers on how to break into the industry. I politely declined.

I had another other guy tell me how he recently spent $1,200 on his daughters 7th birthday. Mind you, I don’t think he had more than 5 grand to his name. He got her a cotton candy machine, a chocolate fountain, food to barbeque for family and friends and the best part of it all... he got her a petting zoo for the party. This man rented a duck, a goat, 2 ponies and a chicken for 48 hours. Little steep for a 7 years birthday if you ask me but what do I know.

I also saved a woman from a first date that was a total bust. She met this gentlemen on Bumble, the conversation via text was flowing great but she knew she was in for a treat when this man ordered a coke as a beverage at their fancy dinner. Now I’m not saying you have to booz up on the first date but a coke? Come on brother, let's think this through a bit little more.

That’s just a little taste of the stories I hear and people I meet on a day to day basis in the lyfe of being a top 2% Uber driver in the WORLD! Put some respect on my name. Sometimes I think I should be paying the passengers for the entertainment.

The fear of missing out sucks. We all have those moments we wish we could be here, we wish we could be there but it’s usually impossible. Unless you have a Black American Express credit card with unlimited credit, you probably have to pick and choose between what you say yes to and what you say no to.

The no’s have to come more than the yeses and if we’re being completely honest, it’s a bummer.

We see everyone “living it up” at that birthday party, that networking event or in this case that festival but sometimes we just need to ignore it. We need to not get so consumed in living other people's lives and just lives ours.

Instead of digging myself in a hole and thinking how lame I was for not being at Chella this weekend, I did the reverse. I thought about how great it was that I was going to have a weekend I knew that nobody was going to hit me up about some party in the hills (because I’m so cool) and I’d be able to use the time to just focus on me. Whether it was going to the gym, meditating, reading, slaying them STREETS, calling my parents or taking the time to write this, I was excited for ME time.

I’m such a people’s person that I don’t get enough of that ME time. I podcast, with people. I driver uber, with people. I live in a house, with people. I listen to podcasts, with people. I am almost always in communication, with people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a BIG people’s person but I’ve also realized the importance of ME time as well.

Flipping the script and looking at not being at Coachella as a good thing made me realize that the fear of missing out could in turn be a good thing.

I had more money in my pocket, I for sure wasn’t going to wake up hungover AF, I was going to be able to eat clean and workout and even catch some sun rays for this beautiful Irish skin of mine. It was actually working in my favor that I wasn’t at the festival.

Now if someone had called me on that Thursday evening say… “Bobbay! I got an extra ticket to Coachella this weekend… you game?” It would be pretty hard for me to not say no. When opportunities like that arise, I jump on them because it’s as if the universe is telling me to do so. I try not to go out of my way to do anything fancy but if the world wants to toss the kid a bone every once in a while… why not? Gotta live it up while you’re young or so my elderly Uber passengers like to say.

As we both understand that FOMO is no bueno, know that’s a given and going to happen for the rest of our lives. Even if you have the PJ waiting on the tarmac, you still have to pick and choose between what you say yes to and what you say no to. This is what I like to call… the game of life.

I took micro economics both in high school and college and you would think that since I’ve taken the course not once but twice, I would be somewhat close to being an economist. Breaking news… I’m far from it! However there is a concept that I did learn that I remind myself of when assessing the “yes or no scenarios”, when people want to grab brunch & mimosas and just about any other opportunity that crosses my lap and that’s opportunity cost.

Textbook definition: the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.

Me saying yes to the free Coachella pass does actually come at a cost. LA will be in trouble cause the bearded man will NOT be around to slay them STREETS but the true cost is the money I could have potentially made if I stuck around for the weekend instead of popping them bottles. I’m not here to teach microeconomics but I’m here to remind those out there that even in those moments of FOMO… think about what that time could be used for instead aka… ME TIME!

So as weekend 2 roles around and you’re unable to attend the festival, a partaaay or whatever it might be, let me remind you that everything is going to be quite alright. Get yourself a bottle of wine, surround yourself with good company and be happy to be wherever you’re in this world.

Even in the moments I beat myself up because I’m not attending one thing or another, I remind myself of the simple things that I’m grateful for. To be living, breathing, healthy and of course this fantastic beard I was blessed with at birth.

The fear of missing out sucks but life could always be worse.

If you do happen to be in LA, don’t you worry… I got the keys to the city for round 2.