Starting Your Podcast

Starting Your Podcast Cover2.jpg
Starting Your Podcast Cover2.jpg

Starting Your Podcast


A playbook to bringing your voice to the world.

I’m far from an expert in the podcast space but since starting Purpose in the Youth Podcast in 2016, I’ve learned a lot. I wrote this playbook and provided a checklist that I wish I had when starting off.

In this playbook we’ll cover:

  • What’s Our Why / What’s The Vision

  • Come Up With A Title

  • Designing The Cover Art

  • The Audio Equipment

  • The Video Equipment

  • The Lighting Equipment

  • Software To Record Audio

  • Software To Edit Video

  • Creating A Studio Space

  • Record A Podcast

  • Distribute The Podcast

Included is a Starting Your Podcast checklist as you go through the process of getting the podcast off the ground! I also have my equipment listed with direct links to purchase.

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