Breathe In, Breathe Out

Photo Credit: Christian Joudrey

The only thing I worry about anymore is the present moment. Dwelling on past events & worrying about what’s coming in the near future is pointless. All you need to focus on is what’s in front of you.

Some of you might think I’m crazy when I say this but the only reason I’ve been able to live better in the present stems back to one thing; I began meditating.

This isn’t what most people think; where you sit on the floor, legs crossed, hands up with your pointer finger & thumb touching saying “oooommmm.” That’s the biggest misconception. 

Meditating has taught me to focus on my breathing because this happens subconciously every single day. It’s our lifeline that keeps us above the ground. When you focus your attention to breathing in & breathing out, you begin to focus on the present moment. 

 It’s a teaching mechanism that I’ve integrated into my daily life.

When you train your mind over & over to focus on the present moment, everything else just happens to fall into place. Things that have happened in the past don’t nag you as much anymore. That business presentation you’re dreading next week doesn’t seem to be relevant because you still have tons of hoops, the present moment, to get through before you get there. 

I started to enjoy the little intereactions & parts of my day that I’ve always taken for granted. The conversations with the individual making my coffee at the local Dunkin Donuts, the people I help get around the city driving Uber, and even just the passing by of people as I walk through Boston. Even when life starts to throw a million things my way, I’m okay with it because I’m ready for it. 

There have been plenty of times in the past where I was physically in one place and mentally in another. It was a problem for me because I wouldn’t realize this until after the fact, when the time had passed, and the moment was gone.

I remember the day that I was graduating college; I felt like a million things were going through my head. A massive reflection on the past four years of my life, questioning what was going to happen next, and so on so fourth. Instead I should’ve just focused on embracing the moment and cherishing this one day for what it represented. Four years of hard work, dedication, and the chance for me to grow into the person I am today. 

The app that has helped me, Headspace, has a 10-day free trial that I recommend everyone to give a try. 10 minutes a day, thats all. I do it first thing in the morning because it helps me focus on what’s ahead of me that day. Meetings, podcasts, strategizing for the next six months, etc. Even with a million things that need to get done, it allows me to stay calm and tackle the day at ease. It’s helped change the way I look at myself & everything around me. I’ve improved my self-awarness which in turn has improved my productivity and happiness. 

This doesn’t just happen, it took a bit of work. I told myself I was going to commit for the ten days and stick to it instead of brushing it off after the first day. First, second, and third day weren’t anything special but by the fifth, sixth, and seventh…I slowly began to start becoming more aware of my surroundings & look at these little interactions as opporuntties to connect with people I may never see again in my life.

I wake up every morning with much more motivation and energy than ever before because I began to focus on the present moment. The only moment I can control by the actions I make and thus have completely reshaped my life. 

No matter what is thrown at me, I just remember to be present. It’s the only state to live in that we sometimes forget. 

 — — — — — -

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