Live Your Life 24 Hours at a Time

I’ve always been someone who gets very anxious about the smallest things. It could be about decisions from the past or it could be thinking about what I need to get done tomorrow. I’ve come to realize that all that matters is this… live your life 24 hours at a time.

As cliche as it is to say, you’re never guaranteed tomorrow & when I realized this I began to live my life a lot more freely.

Instead of dwindling about what I could’ve or shoud’ve done I thought about what I could do now. Theres nothing worse you can do but to live your life with your mind stuck in the past because all it will do is hold you back. It’ll force you to make wrong decisions and worst of all it’ll make you forget to enjoy everything around you at this very moment.

When you’re with your friends put down the phone. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat & every other social network will ALWAYS be there for you to check. The notifcaitons aren’t going anywhere and the ‘Likes’ will be there waiting for you the next time you open the gram. The people who’re around you, however, will not always be there. Enjoy every second & opportunity you have with them.

As the world advances with technology and it becomes even more part of our daily lives we need to remember that there was once a universe where it never existed. Where you could walk down the street and say hello to the beautful woman passing by because she saw you in front of her instead of being invested into that device that we all seem to focus all our attention on. You may never know what life may throw at you, so look up.

All I’m trying to say is when you find yourself caught up with life throwing a million different things at you, take a second to step back & breathe and focus on what you need to do in this very moment. Don’t worry about what needs to get done tomorrow, next week, or next month just focus on what needs to get done today. Before you know it life will pass and the last thing you want to do is look back & wish you had lived in the moment instead of having your mind be elsewhere.

Challenge yourself everyday to be aware of where your mind is & what you’re focused on. Live your life in the moment, 24 hours at a time, & I gurantee you’ll be living a much more energetic life.