My Only Three Options

Photo Credit: David Creixell Mediante

Every week I do a 10 minute Facebook Live post for my podcast page, Purpose in the Youth. I pick a subject or topic of interest that I think the audience will find value in & I just go for it. Beforehand, I think about a few bullet points that I want to discuss and then go “Live” at 12pm.

This past week the topic was “Be patient & enjoy the ride” which was inspired by my latest podcast, Episode 18: Huey Mack. To summarize one of the main themes from the podcast- Life is a rollercoaster. You will have your ups & downs; you’ll have left & right hooks thrown your way. But you have to remember to be patient and try to enjoy every minute of it.

This past Saturday, all of us East Coasters got hit with a good sized blizzard, which I found myself driving in for almost ten hours trying to help get people around the city via Uber. I grew up in Massachusetts & learned at an early age how to handle driving in these conditions, so I figured it was a good opportunity to make some cash. When I was en route to pick up my last passenger of the night I found myself in some trouble.

I was heading down a hill when my brakes locked up. Fortunately, I had enough time to consider my options: 1) Swerve to the right and slam into eight to ten parked cars; 2) head straight into an intersection with the hopes the car would stop beforehand (which I knew was not likely); or 3) Swerve into the curb to the left of me. Within seconds I made the decision to slam the car into the curb to the left, knowing regardless of what was about to happen that it was the best case scenario.

After slowly rolling to the bottom of the hill with a flat tire, I found myself at a closed gas station. I thought “This is good, coverage from the snow so I can put the spare on. No problem.” It was smooth sailing until my wrench stripped while I was working on getting the last bolt off the busted tire. Now I had a bigger issue.

I called Geico Insurance Roadside Assistance looking for help and spoke with a lovely woman named Kristina. She was helpful, and was straightforward in telling me the next available tow truck would be a minimum ninety minute wait. I reminded myself “be calm, things could be worse”.

I really came to peace with myself about the situation. I could have made the wrong decision & taken out a parked car, or worse, I could have rolled straight into that intersection- and who’s to say what could have happened to my car or me at that point. As I sat there thinking about how there's no point in stressing about the situation, I looked up and saw headlights facing my vehicle. To my surprise, it was a tow truck dropping off a car at this very gas station.

The gentlemen (whose name I unfortunately did not get) was able to help me out & within about fifteen minutes I had my spare tire on & was on my way.

What’s the point of this anecdote?

I always try to preach that a positive attitude can help people improve their lives. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I can relate from the experiences I’ve had in my life. Whether people choose to agree with my way of thinking is up to them. For me, this was a time when I had to stop and remind myself of some of the things I always preach.

Remaining calm and embracing the situation was the most difficult thing to do at the time, and yet it was the best thing I could have done. I could have spent that twenty minutes cursing and feeling frustrated about the situation, but looking back, it would have been a huge waste of my emotional energy and time. Instead I just took it for what it was and carried on with a positive attitude and guess what… a tow truck shows up out of nowhere. Life will throw all types of ups and downs your way, but you have to try and remain positive and embrace them.


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