For a lot of people Sunday can be the worst day of the week. Tomorrow begins the start of a work week and who enjoys that? Well, some people do actually enjoy Monday because it is a fresh start to a new week. I used to be someone who dreaded the Sunday night scaries but with doing these few steps I go into the new week with a list full of tasks to get done & when that alarm goes off at 6 a.m. Monday morning… I’m ready to go.

5 Simple Steps

  1. Reflect on the previous week: What did you accomplish? What do you wish you had done but didn’t have a chance to do? Did you hit your excerise goals? Did you follow your diet or did you have one too many wings at BWW? It’s not supposed to put you down but simply a chance to reflect on the decisions you’ve made and whether looking back on it you were happy with them or did you wish you could go back and change it. Write down on one side of a piece of paper the good and on the other side the bad. Aim to subtract from the “bad” column and add to the “good” column next week. You’ll visually see the reward and it’ll push you to stick to it.

  2. Set goals for the week: Similar to the first step, think about what you need to get done this week. These should be activities that are a must and theres no question that they can get put off to the following week. I’m not saying don’t start that project thats due next month so you can get ahead. If thats the case, then break up it to be completed slowly over the next few weeks. Focus on the things that really matter that need to get done in a timely manner so you can allocate the necceassry amount of time to get it completed.

  3. Schedule your day hour by hour the night before: Once you have these goals set for the week take the time every night to schedule out hour by hour what you’re doing tomorrow. “You mean from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, schedule out my entire day?”… YES. It is unbelieveable how much time & energy we use everyday thinking “what should I do next?” Whether you realize it or not, that time spent clouding your brain with this or that could be spent getting things done. Write out hour by hour what you will be doing, what tasks need to be completed, when you’ll have lunch, what time you’ll exercise so you’ll never be confused on what to do next. You’ll simply look at your 24 hour schedule and know where & what is next to do.

  4. Focus on on the bigger picture: Realize that all these small little steps will eventually lead you to getting to that bigger picture. Saving small amounts everyday to get that dream house, eating healthy everyday to have that body you’ve always dreamed of, building relationships with the right people so that you have a strong supportive team behind you. We get caught up in wanting things NOW instead of putting in the work and knowing dedication will pay off and get us what we want. Sacrifice the short-term to get what you want in the long-term. It’ll be worth it, trust me.

  5. Kill it: The most important of them all… KILL IT! No matter what the week throws at you, be ready to fight back. You reflected on what you liked & disliked about the previous week. You know what goals you have for this up-coming week. You know where you need to be and what you need to do everyday because of the schedule you made for yourself the night before. You’re ready to go everyday without a doubt.

Turn your Sunday into the best day of the week. Monday morning comes, the “refresh” button is hit, and you’re ready to go.