The Social Media Diet

I’ve been preaching this concept a lot since the top of the year and it’s something that I standby. I treat the content I consume on social media as if it’s a diet. I’ve been constantly cutting out all the junk and doing my best to only consume the “pieces” that are helping me, inspiring me or entertaining me.

Like a food diet, it’s okay to have cheat meals once or twice a week. If you follow me on IG you know I’m a biiiig fan of Ben & Jerry’s pint size ice cream. Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core melts my heart. I like to call them the one sitters. Why? Because in my bearded opinion, they’re meant to be ate in one sitting! Just like it’s okay to cave on our food diet, it’s okay to cave on social as well. Live it up!

For the most part I do my best to cut out the bullshit. I cut out everything that is not helping ME move forward with my life. I don’t need to keep up with the joneses and keep tab on what everyone is up to with their post high school or college life. I do hope they’re doing well! I’m in the real world ladies & gentlemen and so now it’s time to make things happen for MYSELF. Less time sticking me noses in places it doesn’t need to be and more time spent doing what I gotta do. Selfish? Maybe. But if spending all my time watching everyone else live their life, when do I get a chance to live mine? If I’m seeing things in my feed that I don’t really care to see, I don’t feel bad about unfollowing the page. SEE YA!

This isn’t about me trying to be the “cool” kid in town that follows less people than the number of people that follow the bearded man. This is about me getting super disciplined about the images, videos, text etc that I consume on a day to day basis. All of these pieces of content are fueling my mind and I want that premium quality baby, FILL ME UP!

For the people or pages I do follow, I let their success inspire me to keep going. Thank you for the daily inspo! Seeing these people succeed in all areas of life gets me hyped! There is no time to fall into the comparison trap of getting jealous, there’s only time for me to make moves myself. If I’ve realized anything it’s that there’s enough room for everyone to win. Period. It doesn't matter what your career goals might be. If you see someone doing something you want to do, go do it. Let them be the example that it’s possible!

Don’t even play the I don’t have money or resources card either. Take it from me, I still run my entire podcast out of my bedroom studio aka the bedrudio. I fund the entire project driving the STREETS of Los Angeles on that Uber grind. Is this the ideal situation? Some might argue not but guess what… It hasn’t stopped me! It’s about the intent that matters the most.

All this to say that what you consume on social media 1000% effects you without you even realizing it. I do my best to consume only the good stuff. The stuff that inspires me to keep climbing this mountain. To keep showing up even on the days I’m not feeling it. To keep punching the bag day in, day out.

Keep that social media diet in check!