Toss The Money In The Fire

Back up the Brink’s truck, open the doors and pour the money into the fire. This isn’t just any ordinary fire either ladies & gentlemen. This is the invest in yourself fire and this baby is scorching HAWT!

Here’s the honest truth and I shared this out on my Instagram last night. Financially speaking, i’m in the red. Not just red, like dark dark daaark red. Not a chance in this world I’m going to let money stop me from bringing these visions to life. When it comes to investing into my career or craft, I swipe the credit card and worry about figuring how I’m going to pay it later. Thank you Bank of America! Just send me the bill baby, I’ll find a way to eventually pay it. We running this bearded man content to the ground if we have to. Operation Bearded Man World Takeover is a GO!

Do NOT mistake this blog as me complaining or throwing myself a little pity party where I expect anyone that reads this to feel bad for me. That’s a game I refuse to play. This is me speaking to the world the bearded truth because to act as if burning up this money doesn’t scare the living shit out of me would be a lie. Does the bearded man tell lies? Absolutely not.

Now I’m not in the red because I’m out here balling UP in LA strolling Rodeo Drive and hitting Urth Caffe for some brunch on a Tuesday. I’m in the red because I invest every dollar that I’ve got into myself, hence why I’m in the dark dark daaark red.

Yearly fee for the website? Swipe. Need new equipment? Swipe. Monthly podcast uploading fee? Swipe. Pay my high quality cameraman? Swipe. I tend to invest more money into myself than I actually have. Let’s run it up! For sure not ideal and sustainable in the long haul but sometimes that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Hey Uber - maybe give the bearded man a raise? Thanks!

Even as I see these credit card bills continue to raise and my monthly income from driving these STREETS via Uber stay the same or decline because of the risks I’m taking creatively, I try to remind myself that this WILL all work itself out in the long haul. I genuinely believe in everything that I’m creating and so the only thing that separates me from getting to a point where this is financially sustainable is time. It’s not "Do I have enough talent?” or “Am I good enough?” I know my capabilities and I know that I can deliver a high quality product. The bearded man has what it takes, the world will know soon enough!

Nobody likes talking about money until they’ve got it. Not just got it, like lots of it. The lambo, the house in the hills, the beautiful men or women by their side and the iced out jewelry on their wrist. You picking up what I’m putting down? *Cue Lil Scrappy ft Young Buck - Money In The Bank* Only then do people want to talk about money because they’ve GOT IT and lot of it. If you’ve worked for it, then spend it how you please. My only request - don’t think you’re any better than anyone else because of it. Money can’t hide your insecurities forever. Yuuuup, I said it.

If you’re like me, you’re making the best with what you’ve got and because of that I applaud you. *Give yourself a round of applause* To have the audacity to continuously invest in yourself when it’s not directly returning money back into your pocket takes a lot of self belief. Nothing today is guaranteeing that it WILL work out but you continue to punch the bag everyday and continue to show up. Don’t stop now baby, keep going!

You have friends, family and strangers that might ask how the passion project is going but are very quick to follow-up with “So are you making money from it? If so, how much?” Funny you asked cause I’m NOT! Next question. In these moments our inner demons love to pop-up and shout “Toss in the towel and give up now while you’re head!” The good news is through repetition, both you and I are trained to block out the noise and stay the course. To continue tossing the money in the fire.

I used to get stressed out when faced with another bill for this bearded man content wondering how in the world I’m going to pay for it. Instead I ask myself, “Is this something that is going to help me execute my ideas?” Yes? Then swipe and worry about it later.

I hope these Brink’s trucks got back-up on the way because we’re going to need a LOT more fuel for this fire. The bearded man is just getting started.