Episode 108 - Jacob Riglin : Look At The World In A Beautiful Way

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Jacob Riglin is photographer behind some of the most beautiful pictures you’ve seen on Instagram. Previously the Director of Content for Beautiful Destinations, today he works for himself under Jacob Mediaand helps with creative direction and content for brands such as BMWAdidasMvmt & more.

Born and raised in Twickenham, England, he was fortunate to travel around Europe and the West Coast of the U.S. as a kid with his family which exposed him to what the world had to offer. When his passion for photography started to grow on him, he would spend the late hours of the night running around the streets of London taking pictures of everything.

After attending Strodes College he worked two jobs, saved up as much money as he could and spent 3 months traveling around Australia and Asia. Finishing up the trip he was approached by Beautiful Destinations, a global travel brand, and was offered a spot on their team. From there he started flying around the world and creating content for them and their clients. After 2.5 years he was ready to focus on his next venture, his own personal brand.

In this episode he discusses the importance of assessing opportunities and jumping on them, building a solid human connection with people is huge, running around the globe with Sam Kolder, hosting a workshop  in Bali for aspiring creators with That One Blond Kid, advice for standing out from the crowd in social media today and wanting to help people look at the world in a beautiful way.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Born and raised in Twickenham, England - South-west of London (7:10)

  • Traveling throughout Europe + a road trip down the West coast with his family exposed him to what the world had to offer (10:15)

  • Attended Strodes College for two years. By his second year, he started to really focus in on photography (18:00)

  • Takes a gap year, works two jobs and then travels Australia / Asia for 3 months (24:10)

  • Returns from traveling and joins Beautiful Destination as their Community Manager and then their Director of Content (26:50)

  • Working alongside Sam Kolder (35:30)

  • Leaves BD and starts his own venture, Jacob Media (39:40)

  • Working alongside brands such as BMW, Nokia, Adidas, Mvmt, Dom Perignon etc (44:30)

  • Establishing rates for brands based on creation + distribution (51:00)

  • Being respectful of what the client needs, not focusing on your own wants (52:35)

  • Getting in the creative process starts with researching, taking inspiration from other people and accessing the resources he has to work with (54:15)

  • How to stand out from the crowd in the world of social media (58:05)

  • Wanting to teach people and work with inspiring brands moving forward for Jacob Media (65:50)

  • 7 days Bali workshops for students with That One Blond Kid (Jeremiah Davis) (67:30)

  • Learn something today, be continuously positive and make an impact on something (72:55)

  • What scares Jacob the most (74:05)

  • Jacobs purpose is to be someone that can inspire people and help people see the world in a beautiful way (79:00)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question: How long have you grown your beard for? What is the story behind you? (81:05)

  • Where to find Jacob on social media (90:10)

    • Instagram

    • Website

  • Advice for finding a passion/purpose (91:30)

    • If you have a passion for something, pursue it

    • Think about the landscape of what’s happening today

    • Live life and enjoy it. Do fun things