Episode 110 - Rory Kramer : Listen To Your Thoughts

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Rory Kramer is a professional videographer and life liver. In the past he’s worked for Justin Bieber, Kanye West and The Chainsmokers. He is the creator behind MTV’s Dare to Live, a show forcing music stars like Shawn MendesMartin Garix and Khalid out of their comfort zones. 

Born and raised in Tell City, Indiana, his father owned a restaurant and his mother was a nurse. Spending his summers in Clear Lake, Indiana, his Lake Life videos ultimately became the foundation for his career. Although he was sure that video was what he wanted to do, his father influenced him to attend Indiana University.

Eventually he moved out to Los Angeles, CA where he took the first job that he could find. What seemed like a good 6-month gig quickly turned into 4 years. He hated the job so much he would sneak vodka through a water bottle into work. With an opportunity to create videos for 3LAU, an American DJ, he left his job and never went back. 

It isn’t pure luck he is where he is today, as he would say… “I put in my damn time!” His life motto, RUN IT!, is a reminder for us to all continue pushing forward even when fear tries to hold us back.

In this episode Rory discusses that if you want something you have to earn it, taking care of ourselves helps us be prepared mentally, being aware of how much social media we consume, a near death accident rolling his car changed his perspective and the importance of listening to your thoughts.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version)

  • Born/raised in Tell City, Indiana and spent many summers in Clear Lake, IN (12:30)

  • Started making Jackass skits, skate videos and videos on the lake (13:50)

  • Father owned a restaurant, mother was a nurse. Father taught him if you want something, you have to earn it. (17:10)

  • Blowing up a white range rover for The Chainsmokers Everybody Hates Me symbolized the unknown of creating and just following your heart (23:30)

  • Knowing he wanted to chase his passion for video,  his father influenced him to attend Indiana University (25:25)

  • At 29 Rory was working a job he disliked and would sneak in vodka through a water bottle (28:15)

  • At 25, was living in his parents basement, had $2k in a shoebox and his girlfriend broke up with him. Packed his bags and his father drove him to Los Angeles, CA (32:30)

  • Lake Life Videos become the foundation of his career. Gets an opportunity to work with DJ 3LAU (35:45)

  • There are pros/cons to social media (38:40)

  • Rory’s story told through Avicci’s The Night music video (51:20)

  • Taking care of ourselves helps us be prepared mentally (62:30)

  • Traveling & working with Justin Bieber for a year. Shooting his Company & I’ll Show You music video (67:45)

  • Shooting for Kanye West (76:40)

  • Directing Closer lyric music video for The Chainsmokers. Sits at 2.1 Billion views today (78:40)

  • Creating Dare To Live MTV show forcing music stars to face their fears. Episodes included Rae Sremmurd, Krewella, Shawn Mendes, The Chainsmokers, Iggy Azalea, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki and Khalid (93:15)

  • Getting into a near death accident rolling over his car in July 2018 (100:10)

  • Find Rory on social media

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (127:10)

    • Find what you don’t like to do