Episode 111 - Charlie Rocket : Believe Bigger

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Charlie Rocket is an Ironman, Nike Athlete, Motivational Speaker and host of Charlie Rocket Show Podcast. Previously the manager of 2 Chainz, he left the music industry after being diagnosed with a brain tumor at 305 lbs. His plan now? Impact 1 million lives and leave the world something that lives on forever.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he quickly became known as “CEO Charlie” for his passion for entrepreneurship. His grandfather, father and mother all sold vacuum cleaners and he incorporated that same hustle into his own life. With an opportunity to go on tour with Soulja Boy, he dropped out of community college. Fast forward, he later would help the careers of Travis Porter and 2 Chainz.

Leaving the music industry he started Chapter 2 of his life in Santa Monica, CA. He became vegan and started creating a “new algorithm” for his life. He only ate foods that were high frequency, high energy that would fuel his body correctly. He ran 3 marathons, became an Ironman athlete and lost 120 pounds. He grabbed the attention of Nike through his  “My Story Isn’t Over Yet” video and was then featured in their highly controversial “Dream Crazy” 30 year anniversary commercial with Colin Kaepernick.

In this episode Charlie discusses incorporating the “rocket mentality” in our own life, receiving a phone call from Jimmy Iovine, visiting Diddy at his penthouse in NYC, becoming a world's top 1% athlete, The Dream Machine Tour bike ride around the US, going beyond what’s realistic and why we should believe bigger.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Incorporating the “rocket mentality” into our own life. We all start off slow. (5:30)

  • The Law of 62 (7:10)

  • Grew up in Atlanta, Georgia - a city full of entrepreneurs (9:40)

    • Grandfather, father, mother sold vacuum cleaners

    • Started a studio in his bedroom

  • Drops out of community college to go on tour with Soulja Boy (12:40)

  • 18 years young and decides he wants to be a music manager (18:15)

  • Discovering recording group Travis Porter on the Eastside of Atlanta (22:35)

  • Not having money, Charlie drove radio station to radio station pitching his artists music. “Show Up” strategy (23:50)

  • Jimmy Iovine, the Co-founder of Interscope Records, calls Charlie directly to talk business (29:25)

  • All The Way Turnt Up Ft Roscoe Dash (ATL at the time) by Travis Porter goes BIG (32:15)

  • Music labels Atlantic, Warner Brothers, Jive and Universal battle Charlie for Travis Porter (38:55)

  • Visiting Diddy at his Penthouse in NYC (44:15)

  • Connecting and managing recording artist, 2 Chainz (Tity Boi at the time) (57:35)

  • Winning a Grammy for No Problem - Chance The Rapper ft 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne (63:10)

  • Leaves music industry, writes a contract to himself to become a world's top 1% athlete and signs up to do an Ironman (64:25)

  • Becoming a Nike Athlete and gets featured in one of the most controversial commercials ever with Colin Kaepernick (69:15)

  • Moves to Santa Monica, CA, goes Vegan and creates a “new algorithm” for his life (74:15)

  • Dealing with a brain tumor, Charlie only ate foods that were “alive” Ex: Oranges, Sweet potato etc (79:25)

  • Running was the most difficult part of his Triathlon in New Zealand (81:20)

  • The Dream Machine Tour, a bike ride across the country from LA to NYC inspiring others and changing lives (82:15)

  • Surprising a Starbucks employee with a brand new car (84:30)

  • Changing 1 Million Lives (89:45)

  • Charlie’s relationship with Gary Vee (94:15)

  • Charlie’s purpose is to change the world and leave something that will carry on even after he passes (99:40)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question: What is your contract to yourself for next year, 2019? (104:30)

  • Where to find Charlie on social media

    • Instagram

    • Twitter

    • Website

  • Best advice for someone trying to find a passion/purpose (115:35)

    • Be a delusional optimistic

    • Tell yourself it’s going to work

    • Tell yourself you’re on a winning streak