Episode 112 - Tiana Haraguchi : Never Lose The Hunger

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Tiana Haraguchi is the Co-Founder & CEO of Foray. With inspiration to create meaningful experiences between brands and social media influencers, her agency has become one of the best in Los Angeles. Most recently they launched their marketplace where people can now shop online for some of the hottest brands through their platform.

Born in Hawaii and raised in North Branford, Connecticut, business had always been a passion for her since she was a kid. She was fascinated with how they were built which inspired her to study Finance at Bryant University. After graduating, she spent 2+ years in the corporate environment before leaving to start her first business, Boutikey, a platform that helped bring Boston and local boutique shopping online.

Having a vision for what the social media influencer world would become, she left her bizz in Boston, packed her bags and moved to LA to pursue this next venture, Foray. Working alongside incredibly talented influencers and brands, they’ve been able to create luxurious 5-star experiences through their events such as Foray Gala and Foray Oasis.

In this episode Tiana discusses how the unknown should inspire us, the importance of doing something that we love, being able to take rejection with pride, waking up and appreciating life for what it is and why we should never lose the hunger for our passion.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Born in Hawaii, moved to North Branford, Connecticut when she was 5 (6:50)

  • Both parents are entrepreneurs in their owns way. Mother left courthouse career and became a top real estate agent. Father was a salesperson and started flipping houses (8:20)

  • Parents getting divorced at a young age matured Tiana quicker. One lived in CT, other lived in HI (10:30)

  • Since she was 7, business has always been a passion. Was always fascinated with how business were built (12:25)

  • Attended Bryant University with intentions to get into finance and be an investment banker (13:05)

  • Inspired to start her own business, Tiana quits her job and moves to Hawaii to help her father run his business (18:05)

  • Launches her first business, Boutikey, which helped bring local Boston boutique shopping online (21:15)

  • Even having spent 2+ years in the corporate environment, Tiana felt confident with her choice of becoming an entrepreneur (25:55)

  • Seeing an opportunity in the fashion industry she Co-Founded Foray, an agency focused on creating experiences with brands and social media influencers alongside Kaitlynn Carter (28:30)

  • With no game plan or idea where she is going to live, she packs her bags and moves to LA (33:00)

  • The Foray brand has stayed elevated from the experiences they create (38:16)

  • Seeking investors versus trying to build a business from the ground up without investment (40:50)

  • Foray recently launched their marketplace where people can now shop (45:55)

  • Forcing herself to find balance for friends, hobbies, dating and family (61:10)

  • Best advice for young entrepreneur is understanding your market and building the right network (63:40)

  • Embracing the day ahead of us with a positive mindset (66:10)

  • Family is what Tiana is most grateful for today (68:40)

  • Not maximizing her full-potential is what scares her the most (70:30)

  • Tiana’s purpose is getting people together and getting them to do bigger things (73:20)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question - What inspired you to start this? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? (74:30)

  • Find Tiana on social media

  • Best advice for people trying to find a passion/purpose (83:20)

    • What is something that touches you in a special way

    • Find what you’re good at / what makes you happy