Episode 113 - Jake Kassan : Celebrate The Smalls Wins

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Jake Kassan is the Co-Founder of MVMT. When rocking their watches, sunglasses or premium accessories, they want people to be inspired to live life on their owns terms and do what makes them truly happy. With quality, minimalist designs at radically fair prices, they’ve created an absolute monster that was recently acquired by Movado Group for $100 Million.

Born and raised in Valencia, CA, Jake was focused on building businesses from a young age. At 16 he launched his first business, Nitelife Designs, and was making over $10k a month. Only one year into community college in Santa Barbara, CA he dropped out to work-full time. Eventually that business failed, he worked valet until he launched his second business, Glow Threads, which he eventually sold.

Wanting to create a watch brand that was affordable, he and his business partner Kramer Laplante launched MVMT. What started in their apartment has grown to a team of 40+. What’s changed the most about him within the past 5 years since launch is realizing that everything is relative to where you’re today in your life and the importance of work/life balance.

In this episode Jake discusses facing our fears head on, seeing an opportunity & acting on it, how entrepreneurs are professional problem solvers, we will have good days & we will have bad days, reverse engineering our goals and why we must celebrate the small wins.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • What has changed the most about Jake 5+ years after the launch of MVMT (4:50)

    • Everything is relative to where we’re today

    • The importance of work / life balance

  • Dealing with anxiety to the point where he couldn’t leave his house (15:50)

  • Winning Shopify’s “Build A Business” contest & pitching in front of Gary Vee, Tim Ferriss, Daymond John etc (18:35)

  • Born & raised in Valencia, CA. Small town vibe where everyone knew everyone (22:10)

    • Some kids in high school were focused on drugs, Jake was focused on building businesses

  • Father wanted him to experience college, Jake attended community college in Santa Barbara (24:40)

  • Started his first business in high school - a t-shirt company called Nitelife Designs (28:40)

  • Drops out of college after his first year to focus on his business that was making $100k+ (30:00)

  • Breaks lease on his first retail space, shuts down business and gets his first job doing valet (35:30)

  • Launches his second business, Glow Threads, a glow in the dark paint (35:50)

  • With 2 previous business attempts, Jake considers consulting and other business ventures (46:05)

  • Thinking about fashion and not having money to spend on watches, Jake & Kramer (his roomate/business partner) land on MVMT (48:25)

  • MVMT has evolved. The mission and belief has always stayed the same, its grown to be more complex and have more purpose to it (55:35)

  • The ability to know where he wants to be and creating a strategy to reverse engineer it is one of his greatest strengths (58:30)

  • The transition of touching every part of the business (marketing, manufacturing, advertising etc) in the early stages to delegating the workload to a team of people (60:35)

  • Day-to-day life of Jake consists of meeting, e-mails and speaking engagements (67:20)

  • Being acquired for $100 Million from Movado Group opened more doors for growth (70:20)

  • Best advice for young aspiring entrepreneurs: reach out to founders, listen to podcasts, learn the ins/outs of the industry you’re interest in (77:50)

  • The sacrifices will never stop. You have to hustle, work hard but still find the balance (87:20)

  • Best piece of advice he’s ever received: Daymond John: Stay online with MVMT, Father said “make sure you’re making money while you’re sleeping” (94:25)

  • Jakes definition of success is saying you’re going to do something and then doing it (goal setting) (97:45)

  • Jakes purpose is to impact people's lives directly (100:50)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question: Where do you want to be when you’re 30? What makes you happy? (107:25)

  • Finding what makes us happy (115:25)

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  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (126:50)

    • Listen to people's stories of different industries, something will click

    • Intern for companies/businesses you’re interested in

    • Find the thing that makes you happy