Episode 116 - Jesse Coren : There's Enough Room For Everyone To Win

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Jesse Coren is the founder of Mutual Friends, an artist collective and management company that works with recording artists Quinn XCIIChelsea CutlerJeremy Zucker and ayokay. In April of 2018 he partnered with Visionary Music Group, the label and management group home to both Grammy-nominated rapper Logic and singer, songwriter and producer Jon Bellion.

Born and raised in Dix Hills, NY, he was very passionate with music from a young age. He went to the business school at the University of Maryland with interest in working in the entertainment industry. During the summer of his freshmen year, he interned with dGi Management and from that moment moving forward he knew music management was going to be his career path.

After graduating college he moved to NYC to work full-time for dGi  where he learned the fundamentals of being a music manager. As he began to slowly build genuine relationships with his now artists, he left his job to start his own venture with his friends, Mutual Friends.

In this episode Jesse discusses when working with amazing people we strive to get better, we can’t expect people to give us what we want, the importance of feeding the fanbase no matter the size, enjoying the process as much as the results and a simple reminder that there’s enough room for everyone to win.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Today Jesse works alongside 4 recording artists: Quinn 92, Chelsea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker & ayokay (6:10)

  • When you’re working with amazing artists/people, they inspire us to get better (12:10)

  • Born/raised in Dix Hills, New York. Had an older brother, father was a veterinarian (14:10)

  • Went to the business school at the University of Maryland interested in entertainment (15:50)

  • After a summer internship his freshmen year with Dgi Management, he knew he had found his lane within Music Management (17:50)

  • After graduating college, Jesse moved to NYC to work at dGi Management (19:40)

  • Biggest lessons he learned from dGi was the fundamental side of management (22:20)

  • Launching Mutual Friends, Artist Collective / Management (24:45)

  • The secret formula to building relationships with the right people is being genuine and helping people (27:35)

  • Early on when we’re not seeing much traction it’s about believing in yourself (31:05)

  • The strategy behind building a loyal fan base and a long term career : speak your truth, tell your story (35:00)

  • Feeding the fanbase (35:55)

  • What seperates a good manager from a great manager is always putting the artist first (40:05)

  • In April of 2018, Mutual Friends (Jesse’s Mgmt company) partnered with Visionary Music Group (42:00)

  • Day-to-day routine of Jesse : super different every day. Meetings, phone calls, e-mails, touching base with his artists (52:05)

  • If he had to give his younger self any advice it be believe in yourself and do right by people (67:25)

  • Most grateful for today: his fiancee as he recently just got engaged (76:20)

  • Happiness is Jesse’s definition of success (78:20)

  • 1 weakness he would like to work on is living/being in the moment (79:35)

  • Jesse’s purpose is leaving a good impact on other people (his artists, family, fiance etc) (82:15)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question: What’s been the biggest takeaway from the podcast for you? (86:15)

  • Where to find Jesse, Mutual Friends & Team Visionary on social media

  • Best advice for someone trying to find a passion / purpose (92:45)

    • Try everything because you don’t know what you will like until you do

    • Patience

    • When you find that thing, don’t worry about how long it takes