Episode 107 - Houston Kraft : Kindness Is Almost Always A Sacrifice

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Houston Kraftis a kindness advocate. He’s the Founder of Choose Love Orgwhich sole purpose is to help the world live love a little better everyday. He’s the Co-Founder of Character Strong, a business focused on creating curriculum and training to help build compassionate schools and as of today he has spoken to over 600 schools across the nation.

He spent the first four years of his life in Kennebunk, ME before moving west to Snohomish, WA where he spent his childhood growing up. In high school he started taking speech, theater, debate, drama and leadership which started to give him some sense of direction as to what he wanted to do with his life. He attended Bowdoin Collegewhere he became the the president of his class.

After graduating and working alongside Ignite Leadership, he honed in on his storytelling skills and hit the ground running. That first year he spoke to 13 schools and now does on average 135 schools a year. The art of storytelling has become one of his greatest skills. He figures out “the gemstone” of the keynote and connects stories from his own life to help elaborate on the message.

In this episode Houston discusses you can do anything but you can’t do everything, the greatest gift you can give people is perspective, our life is about as big as the things we know, most successful people have grit, the forever skill of balancing and kindness is almost always a sacrifice.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version)

  • Lived in Kennebunk, ME till he was 4, then raised in Snohomish, WA (8:35)

  • Started taking speech, theater, debate, drama and leadership sophomore year of high school  (13:30)

  • People will forget what you say, people will forget what you do but people will never forget the way you make them feel (16:00)

  • Attended Bowdoin College and became freshman class president (Brunswick, ME) (22:10)

  • Ignite Leadership helped hone on his skill sets & jumpstart his career with keynote speaking in front of students (34:05)

  • Figuring out “the gemstone” of a keynote, then picking the stories that elaborate on it (39:40)

  • What gets in the way of kindness is education on perspective (43:30)

  • Social media can be used to help people but also can take away the human piece (54:45)

  • Character Strong provided schools with the tools/steps to take after Houston would give a keynote (58:30)

  • Has spoken to 600+ schools, he’s honed in on his emotional skills + dealt with the forever skill of balancing (68:45)

  • Launched Choose Love to help the world live love a little better everyday (82:15)

  • Ask Bobbay any 1 question: What is the highest level tier of tears you’ve had in your life? (88:10)

  • Find Houston on social media

  • Advice for someone trying to find a passion/purpose (101:20)

    • Be patient with yourself

    • Ask for help. None of us have all the answers.  

    • How much bigger our life gets when we make ourselves smaller in it