Episode 119 - Nicholas Jandora : Every Story Is Different

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Nicholas Jandora is a music video director also known as Jandora Media. In the past he has worked with recording artists Lil SkiesLandon CubeYung PinchLil Gnar and more. Being genuine, humble and selective with who he works with has helped him get to where he is today.

Born and raised in Martinsburg, West Virginia, he started making YouTube sketch comedy videos with his friends in high school. He attended Shepherd University for 1.5 years and then transferred to West Virginia University where he majored in Visual Journalism. Even with professors, friends and family suggesting he get a job after graduating, he saw the success other music video directors were having which gave him the confidence to go for it.

Working with local artists in the beginning taught him how to maneuver and understand what his self-worth was. Instead of taking constructive criticism personally, he uses it to help better prepare himself for his next project. He has surrounded himself with other music video directors such as Cole Bennett and Lonewolf who all encourage and enjoy seeing each other succeed. If there was any advice he’d give to his younger self it be to keep working.

In this Episode Nicholas discusses seeing his work inspire others to chase their passions is what makes him happy, collaborating helps us create the best results, manifesting something from nothing, you have to lose in order to win, what scares him the most is being stagnant and understanding that every story is different.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Born/raised in Martinsburg, West Virginia (6:35)

  • In highschool, started making YouTube sketch comedy videos with friends (ToeJappy Channel) (8:10)

  • Scary movies / shows heavily inspired him as a child (12:05)

  • Went to Shepherd University for 1.5 years, then transferred to West Virginia University for Visual Journalism (13:40)

  • After graduating college, everyone is telling Nicholas to get a job but seeing other music directors be successful gave him the confidence to go for it (19:05)

  • Working with local artists in the beginning taught him how to maneuver & realizing his self-worth (22:30)

  • Nicholas creative process from listening to a song to planning, shooting and editing the music video (29:40)

  • Constructive criticism is just as good, if not better than being complimented on his work (36:10)

  • Jandora Media separates itself from others in the industry by being genuine, humble and selective with who he works with (39:35)

  • Showing support to other music video directors, Cole Bennett and Lonewolf (43:10)

  • Met Lil Skies while studying at WVU in 2016. Since then, have helped each other grow to who they’re today. Directed music videos Lettuce Sandwich, Rude, Lust and more (46:50)

  • Summer 2018 tour with Wiz Khalifa, Rae Sremmurd and Lil Skies (58:45)

  • End goal: direct movies. Not sure how he’s going to get there but is open to whatever opportunities come across his way (60:00)

  • Advice he’d give to the younger Nicholas Jandora just starting off: Keep working (68:15)

  • Beating social anxiety by saying yes to everything (70:30)

  • What scares Nicholas is staying stagnant (75:15)

  • Creating content and seeing his work inspire people is what makes him happy (78:20)

  • The best way to find work is by going about it genuine (79:10)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (85:00)

  • Where to find Nicholas on social media

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (95:45)

    • Do what makes you happy

    • Don’t focus on the money, focus on what you like to do

    • Take any discouragement / low points as motivation