Episode 120 - Carly Stein : Our Choices Define Us

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Carly Stein is the founder of Beekeeper’s Naturals. Bringing the superfoods from the hive to consumers through their products such as propolis spray, honey, B.XLR Brain Fuel, and honey sticks, they’re helping people live healthier than ever.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, at around the age of 11 Carly found out she had an autoimmune disease that rejected any & all antibiotics. She attended University of Victoria as a Psychology & Biology major. While studying abroad and getting severe tonsillitis in Italy, she was recommended to try propolis, a product that stemmed from plants and tree resin used to line beehives and protect them from germs. It was this moment that completely changed her life as it healed her without any reactions to her body.

After graduating she worked at a hedge fund and then as a trader for Goldman Sachs. What started as a passion project to help herself, accidentally turned into a business. With a demand for Beekeepers Naturals products and coworkers telling her not to leave her career, she quit and devoted all of her energy to helping people through these superfoods. Today they’re a team of 15 focused on practicing sustainable beekeeping in all of their production as well as educating the role bees play in the world.

In this Episode Carly discusses doing what is best for us & not caring what people think, having a fancy job but living like a college student, take a step back and giving our brain a break, helping people reach their full potential and how our choices define us.

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Podcast Outline (time markers for audio version only)

  • Since launching BeeKeeper’s Natural in August of 2016, Carly has grown more confident in herself (5:15)

  • Born/raised in Toronto, Canada. Father was a lawyer for startups and would bring Carly along for the ride. Played as a heavy role model for her growing up (8:20)

  • Around 11 she found out she had an autoimmune disease that rejected any/all antibiotics (13:05)

  • Attended University of Victoria in British Columbia (BC) as a Psychology & Biology major with intention to stay for law school after undergrad (16:20)

  • While studying abroad in Sweden (Orebro University), Carly got severe tonsillitis in Italy and was recommended to try propolisis (19:20)

  • Propoliss comes from plants and tree resin used to line the beehive to keep it germ free (26:35)

  • Interning for a local beekeeping farm (29:00)

  • Hired at a hedge fund (Gen Fun) after graduating college for 10 months before being recruited to Goldman Sachs as a trader (32:15)

  • Beekeepers started in a grassroots way of creating a product that she needed. Founds others who needed it as well and it grew into 600+ stores in Canada including Whole Foods (37:35)

  • People around her encouraging not to leave her career, business continues to grow, she quits her job to go full-time with Beekeepers Natural (39:15)

  • Getting Beekeepers Natural products approved to sell to market (42:35)

  • Products such as Honey, B.XLR Brain Fuel, Spray, Honey Sticks came from learning about different applications of the products (48:35)

  • Growing to a 15 person team and delegating tasks (56:10)

  • Practice sustainable beekeeping in all of their production & educating the role bees play in the world (pollinate ⅓ of our food supply) (61:05)

  • What’s next for Beekeepers: continuing to get their name out there through content (63:05)

  • Meditation / gratitude list has positively helped dealing with anxiety (66:35)

  • Success is having the freedom to choose (69:10)

  • Our choices define us much more than our abilities do (73:20)

  • Carly’s purpose is to help people find/reach their full potential (74:45)

  • Ask Bobbay any 1 question: What is story/advice that has impacted your life the most? (74:55)

  • Where to find Carly + Beekeepers Natural on Social

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (83:25)

    • Be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself up

    • Get out of your comfort zone & do things that excited/scare you

    • Lean into fear, you will find growth in a bigway