Episode 121 - Futuristic : Stay Authentic To You

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Futuristic is more than just a recording artist, he’s also an entrepreneur. From touring around the world, having his own clothing line Sheeesh World, writing his first book The Declaration Of Independents, owning his own retail store Guest List and running a creative studio out of his second home, he enjoys bringing his ideas to life. 

Born and raised in Bloomington, IL, he knew at the age of 6 he wanted to make a career out of music. His father heavily influenced him growing up as he played the drums, bass guitar and was also a DJ. Moving to Tempe, AZ during high school was refreshing for him and it became the environment he started to really build his career by performing at local shows. After 1 year studying at Mesa Community College he dropped out to pursue music full-time. 

2015 was the year things started to fall into place. His album The Rise debuted at #2 on iTunes, he performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as well as in front of the 47th Vice President Joe Biden and CEO of Apple Tim Cook. Fast forward to 2019, he has created a world for himself that gives him the freedom to do what he wants, when he wants. It wasn’t by pure luck, it was from working hard, staying focused and not getting complacent. 

In this Episode Futuristic discusses the importance of being around people that push us to be better, everything is possible you just have to go for it, creating a list holds us accountable, everybody's path is different and a reminder to always stay authentic to you.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Working hard, staying focused and not getting complacent has gotten him to where he is today (5:10)

  • At the age of 6, Futuristic knew he wanted to make a career out of music. His father heavily influenced him as he played drums, bass guitar and Dj’ed (5:40)

  • Grew up in Bloomington, Illinois where he played sports (6:35)

  • Mother did not want him to pursue the music career from the beginning (7:10)

  • Went above and beyond to sell tickets to shows in his early career. Would to go Facebook event pages, go to local colleges/high school etc (9:15)

  • Moving to Tempe, AZ in high school was refreshing / a new start (10:25)

  • Attended Mesa Community College for 1 year before dropping out to pursue music full-time (11:25)

  • Connecting with BigDawsTV (YouTube Channel) to create Nerd Raps, a series Futuristic dressed up like a nerd and would rap to strangers that went viral (14:55)

  • 2015 was a big year. The Rise debuts at #2 on iTunes, performs on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, performs in front of Vice President Joe Biden + CEO of Apple Tim Cook, Coast to Coast with Devvon Terrell (18:25)

  • Moved to LA with $20k saved up and gave himself no other option but to figure it out (20:05)

  • Futuristic is more than just an artist, he’s a businessman. Owns 2 houses, a clothing line, studio, written a book for aspiring artists The Declaration Of Independents & more (23:15)

  • Learning time management has been the biggest entrepreneurial lesson he has learned thus far (25:30)

  • Met Jacob Owens ( Visual creator / Ep 100 of the podcast) in high school and hated each other. Fast forward to today, they have played a huge role in each others careers (26:55)

  • Being around people that push us to be better (28:45)

  • The One Take Contest has given aspiring artists an opportunity to be heard / a place to network (31:30)

  • The pros of being an independent artist in 2019 is you call the shots and get most of your money (33:05)

  • The sacrifices that have been made in order to chase the passion (36:55)

  • Over the past 5+ years, it has been a constant growth as an artist (40:25)

  • Comparing yourself to other people will drive someone insane (43:55)

  • Block it all out what people have to say and do what you love (45:15)

  • If Futuristic had to give advice to his younger self it be - just be yourself (47:30)

  • Being the brand ambassador for the Phoenix Suns in the 2017-2018 season (50:35)

  • Monday Motivation content on a weekly basis where he talks to people on a real level (52:25)

  • Biggest struggle Futuristic is dealing with today is balancing relationships (54:55)

  • What scares Futuristic the most is love & happiness (58:05)

  • Making a to-do list daily for his businesses / personal life (65:55)

  • Ask Bobbay any 1 question - Where are you 5 years from now? (66:30)

  • Where to find Futuristic & Sheeesh World

  • Advice for finding a passion/purpose (73:10)

    • As long as you’re doing things you like with people you love it’ll come to you

    • Do new things

    • Go outside of your comfort zone