Episode 122 - John Pinto : Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

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John Pinto is a Co-Founder of BoomBoom, a nasal inhaler and essential oil roll-ons company focused on creating natural, plant-based solutions to help us stay focused, feel refreshed, and be more present. He recently was on Season 10, Episode 4 of ABC’s tv series Shark Tank.

Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, he was surrounded by two entrepreneurial parents who both were chiropractors by trade. At around 14, he began working his first job at a Holiday Inn Express cleaning carpets and was also collecting and flipping basketball cards. He attended Emory University where he majored in Business Admin & Management and became the first employee for HUMAN Healthy Vending in LA post graduation.

After spending 5+ years with the company, helping them launch their e-commerce brand SnackNation, he took an opportunity and became the Co-Founder of BoomBoom. Believing in what the product could do for people, he spent hours DMing possible customers on Instagram and would send them free products. Having a vision to see this product become part of people’s day-to-day lives, he and his team are doing everything in their power to get BoomBoom in the hands of the people.

In this Episode John discusses the shiny object syndrome, the importance of being a good person, why we should aim to live healthier lives, being featured in Jordan Belfort's book,Way of the Wolf and why old ways won’t open new doors.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • If he could give himself any advice to when he was first getting started: believing in yourself, don’t roll in with any hesitation & just go for it (4:20)

  • Born/raised in Phoenix, AZ. Both parents were chiropractors by trade (7:30)

  • First job John ever had was working at a Holiday Inn Express cleaning carpets / would collect basketball cards (9:30)

  • Played basketball through college. Was one of his earliest passions (11:40)

  • With both parents being entrepreneurs, it was inspiring to see them create/live life the way they wanted to (12:50)

  • Attended Emory University (Atlanta, GA) as a Business Admin & Management major (15:20)

  • Graduates and becomes first employee for H.U.M.A.N (Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition) Healthy Vending, a healthy snack vending machine company based in LA (18:00)

  • Looking for a change, the co-founders of H.U.M.A.N had John take on their new e-comm venture, SnackNation which delivered healthy snacks in a box via a monthly subscription (22:10)

  • John stumbles across BoomBoom at a party in LA & then at his interview for H.U.M.A.N. (25:35)

  • Believing in BoomBoom, John comes to an agreement and becomes a co-founder of the product (28:10)

  • Boomboom is an all-natural nasal inhaler that helps us feel more present, alert & refreshed (31:15)

  • Product gets featured in Jordan Belfort’s book, Way of the Wolf (33:45)

  • Getting BoomBoom into the hands of new customers by sending out free products (36:20)

  • Being featured on ABC’s show, Shark Tank (Season 10 / Ep 4) where entrepreneurs pitch possible investors their businesses (40:30)

  • Aside from the inhalers, BoomBoom offers oil roll-ons on (54:25)

  • Wanting BoomBoom to become a product used in people's day-to-day lives (57:00)

  • Best advice for young entrepreneurs: Have tunnel vision, don’t care what people think & surround yourself with the right people (59:40)

  • Old ways won’t open new doors (62:15)

  • Being aware of what we’re consuming on social media & how much of it (66:00)

  • Be a good person (72:15)

  • Best advice he’s ever received - “I’d rather you ask for forgiveness than for permission” (75:20)

  • John’s purpose is to help people live healthier lives (78:10)

  • Ask Bobbay any 1 question: What’s the biggest thing(s) you’ve implemented into your life from a previous guest? (84:55)

  • Where to find John / Boom on social media

  • Best advice for people trying to find a passion/purpose (93:25)

    • Be a “yes” person

    • When things feel uncomfortable - that’s a good thing

    • Don’t afraid