Episode 123 - Jordan Tarver : We Can Manifest Anything

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Jordan Tarver is a writer, photographer, storyteller and van lifer. A 5 week trip to Europe turned into 3 months pushed him outside of his comfort zone and made him realize who he was always meant to be. He talks about the lessons he learned from the trip in his book,Moment: Vol.1 : To Whom It May Concern.

Born & raised in Rohnert Park, CA, he found his passion for the outdoors from camping trips with his family. Always wanting to live in Southern California, he attended Cal State Fullerton where he majored in finance. It was through greek life that he found his passion for photography. After graduating, he moved out of his apartment and traveled Europe solo for 3 months. It was on this trip that he began to find love for writing as he was journaling daily.

Returning back to SoCal, he worked at a mortgage company for 16 months, writing part-time on the side. With two previous writing opportunities not work out in his favor, he continued to push forward until he landed his full-time gig with FitSmallBusiness.com.

His van,The Story On Wheels, has inspired him to keep writing stories which he hopes will guide him to an opportunity to work for National Geographic.

In this Episode Jordan discusses the importance of time blocking, rewarding yourself for the small victories, being inspired versus being jealous, how to become the best version of yourself and how you can manifest anything into your reality.

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Podcast Outline (Time Marker For Audio Version Only)

  • Writer, photographer, storyteller, van lifer - Jordan is control of his time, everyday is different but routines help him get things done (4:25)

  • Morning routine: 5am wake up call, gym, makes his bed (very important), gratitude journal, meditating & the day begins. Night routine: slow down the day and read (5:35)

  • Born/raised in Rohnert Park, CA. Going through Montessori schooling (based around science/arts) helped shape him to who he is today (10:00)

  • His uncle David instilled the vanlife into him as he drove the 1980s Volkswagen Westfalia (13:50)

  • Outdoor lifestyle/passion came from going camping with the family and helping his father pack the car for the trips (14:35)

  • Spent 6 years as a camp counselor - learned initiative, enthusiasm and to be just a kind individual (16:40)

  • Attended Cal State University - Fullerton (Finance Major). Always wanting to live in SoCal, he applied to schools in SoCal (18:00)

  • Joining Greek life in college helped him find his passion for photography. Borrowing a friends camera, he would take pics of their events/parties (21:55)

  • Graduates college, moves out of his apartment in Newport Beach, CA  and goes to Europe solo. 5 week trip turns into 3 months (25:00)

  • Biggest realization from the trip to Europe : life begins outside of your comfort zone (29:55)

  • Gets back the States, lives on a buddys couch for 2 months and spent 16 months working for a mortgage company (31:35)

  • Found a passion for writing through daily journaling his thoughts while in Europe (33:10)

  • Moment: Vol. 1: To Whom It May Concern. Jordan reflects on his journal entries and extracts some of the lessons he’s learned and hopes to share them with anyone that picks it up (34:20)

  • Biggest lesson learned from publishing a book - you can manifest/achieve anything (36:50)

  • The importance of rewarding yourself for the small victories (39:10)

  • With having two previous writing gigs fall through, Jordan kept pushing until he landed his now full-time gig on the finance team for FitSmallBusiness.com (digital publication in NYC) with a focus on small business content (41:50)

  • Working remotely can be difficult at first but it’s doable (47:35)

  • Van Lifer - The Story On Wheels is his mobile home that allows him to travel/work anywhere (51:30)

  • Owning the van has inspired him to keep writing stories and pushing him towards his goal to write stories for National Geographic (58:40)

  • Fan Question from Noah - If you’re interested in the van life but cannot afford it, what do you do? Answer: Make use of the resources you’ve got (61:10)

  • Fan Question from Gary G - What is the origin story behind Jordan’s “The Note Collective” Answer: Writes down notes to himself and shares them on Instagram (62:45)

  • To become the best version of ourselves we must focus on: personal growth, willingness to change and fluidity (66:10)

  • Recite one sentence to himself every morning it be : Go out and learn something new today, challenge yourself to become a better person (69:40)

  • When uninspired/not motivated, Jordan steps away until you’re clear headed. Gets inspired by other people's work (71:50)

  • Jealousy vs Inspiration (73:00)

  • Jordans purpose is “I wake up to live a creative and adventurous life and to encourage people to be the best versions of themselves” (74:00)

  • Ask Bobbay any 1 question: How do you overcome self-doubt / boost confidence in your own work? (76:35)

  • Where to find Jordan on social media

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (84:10)

    • Be curious

    • Find things that you hate and love