Episode 124 - David Greenfeld : One Pop At A Time

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David Greenfeld is the Co-Founder of Dream Pops. They’re a plant-based frozen yogurt dessert packed with superfoods that’s dairy, gluten and soy free, under 100 calories with no artificial flavors or additives. Through their 5 flavors Berry Dreams, Chocolate Lion, Coconut Latte, Mango Rosemary & Vanilla Matcha, they’re the healthiest popsicle on the market.

Born & raised in Encino, CA, he was surrounded by entrepreneurship since he was a kid. His father ran a successful business making trailers for movies and his mother was a rabbi who started her own minyan. He attended the University of California, Berkeley where he majored in Business Administration. During his junior year, he co-founded Jvst Wine where he learned the importance of quality control and paying attention to the details.

After graduating he became a contributor for Elite Daily, worked briefly for Tesla and spent a good time working as a investment banking analyst for Houlihan Lokey. With an opportunity to work abroad, he spent two years in Milan, Italy as an associate banker.

It was during a trip to South America that led to the launch of Dream Pops. Wanting to inspire people to go after their dreams, they’re using their unique 3D geometrical pops to spread the message that “anything is popsicle”. In the past they’ve done partnerships with NikeStarbucksSoulcycleBumble & more.

In this Episode David discusses why we should send 100 cold emails, building an experiential brand since day 1, importance of self-awareness, asking ourselves what matters most to me and focusing on one pop at a time.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • The vision for Dream-Pops when it launched in 2016 / how it’s changed: Create a 3D ice cream that is unique in shape and is a vegan/healthier option for than anyone in the market (5:05)

  • Born/raised in Encino, CA. Always had the entrepreneurship bug (9:00)

  • Both parents were entrepreneurs: Father was in the movie industry who made trailers for movies (Ant Farm), mother was a Rabbi who started a minyan (brought judaism to modern society) (16:10)

  • For idea he successfully executed on: Started a sunglasses company in high school (12:05)

  • Was surrounded by a group of friends who were entrepreneurs. His friend Steven Izen started Lokai Bracelets (13:30)

  • Attended University of California, Berkeley. Majored in Business Administration (14:55)

  • After first job out of college, worked at Tesla (16:25)

  • Launched JVST Wine his junior year of college: twice the quantity, twice the quality, half the arrogance. Learned the importance of quality control from a Whole Foods accident (18:35)

  • Always loved reading / writing, became a contributor at Elite Daily with a focus on money, entrepreneurs, start-ups & success (21:45)

  • Looking for structure/skillset, Dave became an Investment Banking Analyst at Houlihan Lowkey in LA for 3 years (24:35)

  • Lived abroad in Milan, Italy for Houlihan as an associate banker for 2 years (28:00)

  • A trip to South America helps inspire the launch of Dream Pops (33:10)

  • Inspiring people to go after their dreams is how they landed on ‘Dream Pop’ (37:25)

  • Plant based frozen yogurt, dairy/gluten/soy free, all under 100 calories with no additives making it the healthiest popsicle on the market (39:40)

  • Dream Pop flavors: Berry Dreams, Chocolate Lion, Coconut Latte, Mango Rosemary, Vanilla Matcha (43:00)

  • Built the business by partnering with brands Beats By Dre, Nike, Starbucks, Soulcycle, Delta etc (46:05)

  • Building an experiential brand & creating memorable experiences for customers is crucial (48:40)

  • Biggest struggle with Dream Pops thus far: Learning patience, “just one pop at a time”. Daily gratitude/visualization have kept him going (52:25)

  • The team behind Dream Pops. Co-Founder David Cohen “Chief Pop Hustler” has made 100k’s of pops (57:00)

  • Moving forward: Build a sustainable business, be financially independent, happy, content & waking up everyday creating (60:10)

  • The courage to dream, the will to innovate & the tenacity to execute (62:35)

  • Most grateful for the people in his life that have bet on him (65:25)

  • Best advice he’s ever received: know your weaknesses / importance of self-awareness (68:15)

  • David’s purpose: to inspire others to go after their childish dreams (72:45)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question: What is your biggest failure? / If your dream manifested, would it make you happy? (74:10)

  • Where to find David on social media

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (81:10)

    • Write a genuine message to the people that inspire you