Episode 127 - Mike Squires : Believe Before The World Does

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Mike Squires is a director, filmmaker, photographer & music producer. While in NYC recently, he saw a photo he had taken and a logo that he had designed on a billboard in Times Square. For him it was a reminder that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Born & raised in Stamford, CT, his parents supported his creative endeavors from day 1. Working a landscaping job all summer while he was 16, he saved up enough money to buy used camera equipment. Just two months later, he was on stage shooting Big Sean. One of the hardest moments he faced in his childhood was having his house burn down and losing everything. Instead of letting this experience hold him back it taught him a valuable lesson, that everything is replaceable.

Although he knew he wanted to follow a creative career, he attended Norwalk Community College to appease other family members. With time he decided to drop out as he was beginning to get bigger opportunities offered to him. In the past he’s shot videos for artists Sammy AdamsYonasDevon Terrell & two previous guests of this podcast Cam Meekins (Ep 72) and Abstract (Ep 96). Whether it’s through visuals or music production he aspires to inspire the people that support him.

In this Episode he discusses why we should never stop learning, his favorite quote “if you do nothing, nothing happens”, the small wins add up, how to build confidence and why we need to believe before the world does.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Coming across a picture he had taken / logo he designed for Watsky on a billboard in NYC Times Square (5:20)

  • I Aspire To Inspire (8:20)

  • Born/raised in Stamford, CT (11:00)

  • Parents have always supported him since Day 1. One of the greatest lessons his father taught him: to just be yourself. (12:35)

  • First US tour when he was 20 years young with Watsky (15:00)

  • Mike wins a soccer game with a game winning goal. Father didn’t capture it on film, leads to Mike wanting to start making his own videos (17:05)

  • Shoots first music video in high school with his friend P.Mo. People hyped him up which gave him the confidence to stick with it (19:25)

  • Did photo/video for a venue in CT at Tuxedo Junction. First time he shot on stage was with Big Sean (20:30)

  • Landscaped an entire summer to buy used camera equipment when he was 16. 2 months later, was on stage with Big Sean (23:10)

  • Has shot videos with Sammy Adams, Yonas, Roscoe Dash, Chris Webby, Devvon Terrell, Cam Meekins (Ep 72) & Abstract (Ep 96) (24:50)

  • Seeing people from his state (CT) succeed such as Chris Webby, Hunter Lyon, Witt Lowry show him that it is possible (30:55)

  • Quote that he lives by: if you do nothing, nothing happens (32:48)

  • Mike’s visual are creative, magical & inspiring (37:10)

  • Having traveled all over the world, it’s showed Mike that it’s a crazy place with so much to do & see (45:00)

  • Biggest fears (48:10): Staying in 1 place forever, working a job that he hates, getting stuck in a situation he doesn’t want to be in

  • Attending Norwalk Community College to appease other family members even though he knew he wanted to follow a creative career (48:40)

  • The next step for Mike Squires visuals: get his visual production to the next level of visual content (55:30)

  • Advice he’d give to his younger self when he was starting to create: don’t worry (60:00)

  • Started producing music in 2016. First batch of beats just hit 5 million streams on Spotify (61:30)

  • Enjoys the freedom/flow of making music versus shooting visuals (63:25)

  • There is always something right around the corner (65:25)

  • Believe in yourself before the world does (60:50)

  • Results builds & not setting the bar too high builds confidence in people (68:25)

  • In 2011, his family's house burned down with everything inside. Taught him that everything is replaceable (70:20)

  • Mike Squire’s purpose is to be an example that it is possible, no matter what your dreams are. (84:20)

  • Ask Bobbay any 1 question: What’s your goal? Where do you see yourself in a few years? What drives you? (86:00)

  • Where to find Mike on social media

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (97:00)

    • Try things out & test the waters

    • Don’t feel you have to commit to one thing

    • Find what works right now and keep going with it