Episode 129 - gianni & kyle : This Is Going To Work

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Gianni DeBernardo and Kyle Devore are recording artists that work together as a duo called gianni & kyle. They recently wrapped up their first tour opening for Hoodie Allen in 30+ cities across the US and 9 cities in Europe. Their plan for the rest of 2019 is to keep putting out music that they enjoy creating and hopefully lock in their first headlining tour come this fall.

Kyle was born in Long Beach, CA and moved to Annapolis, MD when he was in 6th grade where he & Gianni were both raised. It wasn’t until their freshman year of South River high school where they connected during a tech class. Fast forward to their senior year, both making music, Kyle reached out saying he was a fan of Gianni’s music. Hesitant at first and wanting to focus on a solo career, Gianni eventually gave into the idea of forming a duo.

Knowing college would buy them more time to work on their careers, Gianni went on to study at the University of Maryland and Kyle went to Rowan University. After one year, Kyle left school and started working full-time. After Gianni finished college and they performed their first show, they packed their bags and moved to Los Angeles with their team. The first 6 months were rough as they were sleeping on friends couches and studio floors but with time they were able to get on their own two feet.

Now at a great spot in their career, they’re excited for what has yet to come. Aside from music, they hope to to push themselves to grow into all around entertainers and maybe one day do sketch comedy.

In this Episode gianni & kyle discuss the importance of connecting with fans, what has changed the most about them since working with each other, the benefits of understanding the entire process of the music industry, why now is the time to take risks and having the mindset that this is going to work.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Just getting back from touring 9 shows in Europe, 30+ cities in the US with Hoodie Allen. If there is any advice they’d give to their younger self - don’t worry, it’ll work out (5:45)

  • Kyle was born in Long Beach, CA and eventually moved to Annapolis, Maryland in 6th grade where Gianni was raised as well (9:25)

  • Biggest role models growing up (11:05)

    • Kyle: father was in the Coast Guard & taught him to always be early + be on time

    • Gianni: father taught him the value of a dollar

  • They connect for the first time freshmen year in tech class at South River high school and reconnect senior year & start making music together (14:45)

  • The moment they knew making music was their passion (17:10)

    • Gianni: The moment he say NSYNC “Bye Bye Bye” music video when he was 6

    • Kyle: In high school he made a song for Spanish class and kept messing with it

  • Seeing the success from Logic, a Maryland recording artist, showed them it was possible to make it (22:45)

  • Gianni attended University of Maryland, Kyle attended Rowan University knowing that it would buy them more time to work on their crafts. Kyle went for swimming / art but dropped out after 1 year (25:10)

  • Forming “gianni & kyle”. At first Gianni was hesitate and wanted to focus on his solo career. (28:25)

  • Graduating college, do their first show in Maryland (sold out) & seeing a little bit of money start funneling in for the music, they decide to move to LA (30:05)

  • The first 6 months in LA they were sleeping on friends couches / studio floors. Those moments helped them appreciate the little things when they were able to get their first apartment (34:05)

  • Touching 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify today, the strategy has been putting out consistent music that they enjoy creating. (38:35)

  • Hanging with Hoodie Tour was their first time touring the nation. Had only done 2 shows previous to this opportunity (49:35)

  • Gianni used to go go Hoodie Allen shows to pass out his CDs (54:45)

  • What the rest of 2019 looks like: do you even miss me at all music video, new project & possibly first headline tour in the fall (58:05)

  • Music is the main focus but they also seem themselves developing into all around entertainers (60:05)

  • What inspires them outside of music (63:55)

    • Kyle: Kevin Feige, the producer of the Marvel movies

    • Gianni: Jordan Peele

  • One habit/weakness they would like to work on (67:20)

    • Kyle: be able to put himself out there more

    • Gianni: would love to be more well-rounded / aware of every piece of their business

  • What has changed the most about them since working with each other (70:35)

    • Kyle: Gained more confidence in himself

    • Gianni: Realizing he can’t do this by himself and having Kyle to lean on has helped

  • Gianni & kyles purpose (71:50)

    • As a group, we represent that anyone can do this

  • Ask Bobbay any 1 question (77:30)

    • Kyle: Do you have any ghost stories or anything unexplainable?

    • Gianni: How long have you been growing your beard?

  • Where to find Gianni & Kyle on social

  • Best advice for finding a passion / purpose (89:05)

    • Kyle: Don’t rush, it’ll find you