Episode 130 - Sorelle Amore : Overcoming The Dark Places

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Sorelle Amore is an entrepreneur, YouTuber & visual content creator. She’s also the Dean of the Advanced Selfie University, a comprehensive online video course revealing the secrets to mastering the Art of a Self Portrait.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she ended up spending six years of her childhood in Poland before returning back to Aussie. Being raised by two entrepreneurs, she saw firsthand that it was possible to create your own life and live by your own means. Wanting to please her grandmother, she attended University in Sydney and got a marketing degree within 2 years. From there she entered the corporate environment working for Global1 Events.

At one point she started Pin Up Passion, a platform to help guide woman to empowerment, self love and educate them on vintage lifestyle. She then worked for a local photography company before quitting her job and moving to Iceland wanting to focus on a YouTube career.

In 2017, having $1,000 in her bank account and a goal to get paid to travel, she was selected out of 17,000 applicants as the winner of ThirdHome’s Best Job on the Planet where she traveled to 12 luxurious homes in 12 different countries, created blogs, videos, pictures and got paid for all of it. No matter where the road takes her next, she believes her purpose is to stay authentically herself.

In this Episode she discusses the importance of sticking to your own lane, the biggest hurdle she faced being a digital nomad for 2 years, the benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle, taking a 30 day social media detox and overcoming the dark places.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Beautifully Building Better Beings is about building ourselves up (5:35)

  • Born/raised in Australia, she spent the the first 5 years in Bondi Beach, moved to Poland for 6 years and then back to Sydney (7:00)

  • Raised in a family full of entrepreneurs. Mother had one of the largest spray tanning websites at one point. Parents instilled there was more to life than just working a 9 to 5 (7:50)

  • Grandmother wanted to see someone in the family go to University, Sorelle stepped up to the plate and did a 2 year fast tracked program in Sydney majoring in Marketing (13:25)

  • Finishes her degree & being inspired by Dr. Demartini, she begins working for Global1 Events as a Marketing Manager, then Innovation & Product Development Manager (15:30)

  • Started her website PinUpPassion, a platform to help guide woman to empowerment + self love and educate about the vintage lifestyle (17:50)

  • There is no such thing as failure (19:50)

  • Doing what is best for you & sticking to your own lane (21:30)

  • Quits her job, goes on a 10 day meditation silent meditation retreat which leads to Sorelle picking up a camera for the first time in 15 years (23:40)

  • Working through the tough times (24:55)

  • Sorelle moves to Iceland wanting to become a YouTuber and gets into a 4 month depression (25:50)

  • With $1,000 in her bank account & a goal to get paid to travel, Sorelle was selected as the winner out of 17,000 applicants for the Best Job On The Planet via ThirdHome (29:00)

  • Gets paid $10k a month, travels for 3 months to create content (pictures, videos, blogs etc) around the 12 luxury locations she stays at (Costa Rica, Bahamas, China, Scotland, Amsterdam, England, Dominican Republic, Australia, Fiji, Spain, Indonesia, Croatia, Maraco) (29:30)

  • 30-Day Social media detox (38:30)

  • 2 years of being a digital nomad, the biggest hurdle: lack of friends (40:45)

  • Living a minimalist lifestyle has helped Sorelle’s productivity (42:10)

  • The Advanced Selfie University teaches you how to take great pictures by yourself (45:35)

  • Balancing mental health (59:30)

  • Sorelle’s purpose is to stay authentically herself (66:20)

  • Ask Bobbay any 1 question: Who is the ultimate person you’d like to have on the podcast? (68:25)

  • Where to find Sorelle on social media

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (72:10)

    • Test a lot of things

    • If there is something that is slightly pulling you, follow it

    • Don’t have a lot of pressure on yourself