Episode 132 - Tiff Tyler : There Is No Right Or Wrong

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Tiff Tyler is a creative director for The School of Greatness Podcast with Lewis Howes. She has sat in and recorded interviews with Kobe BryantGary VeeScooter BraunTony RobbinsSteve AokiTony Hawk and other individuals who’re the top 1% in their respective industry. She’s also a freelance video creator with a new passion to “beat the sun” on her daily 5am morning run.

In this episode Tiff discusses why we must walk through the door, how being a nice person was her differentiator, how to break out of the survival mode, defeating our internal critic, why we must put ourselves in the mirror and the idea that there is no right or wrong.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers for Audio Version Only)

  • 3.5 years working for The School of Greatness Podcast with Lewis Howes. Biggest lesson she’s learned thus far: You can push yourself a lot further than you think you can (3:55)

  • Grew up in New York, North Carolina. Spent high school and college years in Hollywood, Florida (9:05)

  • Played on the high school basketball team and also cut the highlight reels (12:40)

  • The Tyler household had a family band. Brothers and mother were into music, father Dj’d in college (14:00)

  • Got her first camera when she was in elementary school. Fell in love with documenting her family (16:05)

  • Attended Florida Atlantic University where she majored in Film & Multimedia (17:45)

    • College was a place for her to grow up

    • Ran the radio station for 3 years, was president of Resident Student Association

  • First job out of college Tiff was a production assistant for a wrist watch company. After 4 months, she was directing their weekend “HGTV” type show (20:55)

  • Junior/Senior year of college, get the idea to move to the west coast. Moving to Los Angeles Tiff freelanced for the first 6 months trying to get her name out there (26:05)

  • Becoming a photographer, videographer and junior social media manager for the WNBA Team, Los Angeles Sparks (39:45)

  • First year of working with Lewis Howes was the worst year of Tiff’s life. She took on more work than she could handle and learned the importance of communicating how she was actually feeling  (42:15)

  • Creative Director for the Team of Greatness. Post production coordinator for all visuals of The School of Greatness Podcast editors, Project manages the audio team & oversees the team that helps with social media (48:00)

  • Running at 5AM was my choice, to put myself first (49:35)

  • Not knowing who Lewis Howes was and not intimidated by his success, she applied for the job after her friend passed along the job listing (51:45)

    • Being the only woman who applied, she was given a 2 interview trial before locking in the contract

  • The team of Greatness today consists a lot of people focused on production but is always changing (60:50)

  • Has sat in on interviews with Kobe Bryant, Scooter Braun, Gary Vee, Steve Aoki, Tony Hawk, Tony Robbins etc. What is common in all of the guests in their ability to be consistent, access progress and make changes for the future (65:55)

  • Having a leadership role position helps her get work done more efficiently with a team of people  (75:35)

  • Tiff’s definition of greatness is having faith in yourself, believing in yourself and putting in twice as much work as you think you can (82:25)

  • Tiff Tyler’s purpose is to bring a voice to woman and girls around the world (84:20)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay any 1 question: Growing up, what was something you thought you were going to be compared to what you’re now? (87:25)

  • Humanizing our career and recognizing it takes time to grow (95:10)

  • Where to find Tiff on social media

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (103:55)

    • Look at what you do as a hobby

    • Put yourself in the mirror as much as you can

    • Don’t let other people's fears hold you back

    • Practicing forgiveness