Episode 133 - Chad Fellers : Nothing Is Impossible

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Chad Fellers is the founder of Wasted Potential, an all around creative and design team that specializes in tour management, stage design, live lighting & sound, live video walls, clothing and merchandise. Some of their current clients include recording artists LogicBryson TillerBazziMigosKhalidQuinn XCIIChelsea CutlerKYLE and more. Moving forward, he hopes to continue to grow each of Wasted Potentials departments while helping artists create an experience that their fans won’t forget.

In this episode Chad discusses having the ability to shift the vision along the way, always being ready to resolve issues, how seeing his peers succeed inspires him, the importance of taking time to appreciate where you came from, how slowly achieving a goal is the success and nothing is impossible.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Born/raised in Freeport, Illinois. Blue collar town where people grow up, have kids and stay put (6:55)

  • Parents split up when Chad was 1 / 2 years young. Rekindled his relationship with his father when he was in high school,  right before he passed away from leukemia (9:50)

  • Baseball and video games were both passions of his growing up (13:45)

  • Mother ran a daycare out of the house. Taught Chad how to be independent from a young age (14:05)

  • Attended Highland Community College (Freeport, IL) before transferring to Columbia College Chicago to study Film + Video (16:00)

  • Chad and his friend Jake Reeder begin to book shows in Chicago for artists Logic, Chance The Rapper, Mike Stud, Asher Roth & more (20:05)

  • Started to book shows in other cities: Iowa City, St Louis, Madison etc (26:00)

  • Business started to grow, Chad decided to drop out. People commented saying he was “wasting his potential” which inspired him to name his company, Wasted Potential (26:15)

  • Began tour managing for recording artist SoMo which opened Chad’s eyes to alternative directions he could take WP aside from booking concerts (29:30)

  • Tour managing SoMo leads to Chad learning lighting, video walls, art direction & more (33:50)

  • Shifting the vision along the way (36:15)

  • Wasted Potential clients include Logic, G-Eazy, Bazzi, Migos, Khalid, Bryson Tiller, 6lack, Quinn XCII, KYLE (39:30)

  • Being a good person & building a good product is crucial (40:00)

  • Seeing my peers success inspires me (42:00)

  • Knowing the ins/out of his business allows Chad to provide great customer service to make sure his clients are happy (43:40)

  • Wasted Potential does tour management, stage design, live lighting & sound, live video walls, clothing and merchandise (46:55)

  • When bringing someone onto the WP team, it’s about their energy and intentions (50:40)

  • Chad’s day-to-day is always changing (tour managing, running visuals etc). Now he’s trying to bring in his mentors to help scale the business (53:45)

  • Biggest mistake with WP thus far is them stopping with booking shows (57:05)

  • Creating an experience concert goers won’t forget (59:10)

  • Taking a private jet from a show with Bazzi to the Super Bowl and some of Chad’s favorite moments thus far (65:05)

  • Continue to progress in all departments of WP is Chad’s goal moving forward (71:15)

  • Nothing Is Impossible (74:45)

  • The journey is where we find success (78:25)

  • Keeping calm in stressful situations when things go wrong (81:10)

  • Chad’s purpose is to help his peers & friends get into situations where they can succeed and help bring visions of artists to life (86:55)

  • Ask Bobbay any 1 question: Do you see yourself in LA for the foreseeable future? Do you need to be here for your work? (90:15)

  • Where to find Chad + Wasted Potential on social

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (95:40)

    • Nothing is impossible until you think it is

    • Surround yourself with the right people