Episode 134 - The Holdup : Make Decisions Faster

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Mike Garmany is a recording artist known as The Holdup. Since the beginning of his career in 2006, he’s been on a path of discovery for both his music and personal life. In the beginning it was about being the life of the party with both drugs and alcohol.

Today he’s heavily focused on staying productive, writing down his goals, having discipline for himself by living a healthy and sober lifestyle. One of his newest passion is running which helps him keep a clear headspace.  Aside from a couple tracks being co written, his most recent project, Killing Time, was produced, written, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by himself which he’s most proud of. If he had to give himself any advice for when he was first getting started, it be to not be afraid.

In this episode Mike discusses vague goals produce vague results, gratitude is the antidote to anxiety & fear, create your dream job if it doesn’t already exist and why we must make decisions faster.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Mike’s creative process for writing / making music can be painful  and an up-hill battle. He is his own biggest critic (4:20)

  • Started playing the guitar when he was 11. Huge fan of Blink 182 (7:55)

  • Born/raised in San Jose, CA (8:45)

  • Parents split up when he was in kindergarten, maintained good relationships with both of them. Lived with his mother in San Jose, father lived in Santa Cruz. Had an older brother (10:45)

  • High school years Mike was a troublemaker who was the “funny guy” in class. Started hanging out with kids that were into partying (12:35)

  • 2006 his band The Holdup comes together with him as the lead vocalist alongside a guitarist, drummer and bass player. Mike is the sole creator of the music from the jump (16:15)

  • Signs a local record deal with Dub Rock. First album Stay Gold drops and charts at #1 on iTunes Reggae charts. Mike’s biggest concern was the business side of what this meant (22:25)

  • Sophomore album Confidence and third album Still Gold chart #1 on iTunes Reggae Charts and SG touches #2 on Billboard Charts. Even being successful he’s still feeling like he’s not good enough (28:20)

  • Went through a phase of doing Cocaine and Ecstasy by the age of 15/16. Went through a phase of taking painkillers after being introduced to them after high school (30:00)

  • A mix of taking pre-workout and oxycontin led to Mike not sleeping for four days straight. After having a mental breakdown, he completely kicked the drugs (32:15)

  • Afraid he was never going to move out of his mom’s house, looking for a fresh start and always wanting to live in Los Angeles, Mike moves to LA (36:05)

  • First three years in LA were tough. Mike was trying to figure out the music he wanted to make, was changing management and band members were fired (37:05)

  • Drake inspired Mike to be vulnerable / willing to open up on his songs as he was the first artist to do it. Listen to podcasts and hearing what other people were going through helped him as well (41:20)

  • Hungover and extremely anxious, Mike goes back to San Jose for two/three weeks to recover with medication which ultimately leads him to quit drinking (43:55)

  • Leaning off medication, Mike tries meditation, exercise routines, Wim Hof breathing programs, eating healthy etc. Realizing his body is sensitive, he quits drinking coffee and eating chocolate (48:10)

  • Staying productive, writing down goals and having discipline for himself / his career helps Mike achieve happiness (53:25)

  • The Holdup newest project Killing Time was produced, engineered, mastered, written, recorded and mixed by Mike which he’s most proud of. Completed 17 shows thus far, 9 West coast dates coming up (59:20)

  • After finishing up the Killing Time tour, Mike wants to release as much music as possible for the rest of 2019 (63:10)

  • Best advice Mike would give to himself when he was just starting out: don’t be afraid, make decisions faster (66:30)

  • Most of his tattoos are done on the spot without overthinking the idea. If he had to get a word tatted on him today it would be gratitude (69:10)

    • Most grateful for being in control of his own destiny, great conversations and his family

  • Mike is unsure of what his true purpose is (75:40)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay any 1 question: What is your most embarrassing moment starting this podcast? Most triphumet moment / full of “I killed it”? (83:30)

  • Where to find The Holdup on social media

  • Best advice for someone trying to find a passion/purpose (93:35)

    • Listen to Purpose in the Youth Podcast

    • Do something you really like doing

    • Keep trying things

    • Your purpose might not exist yet