Episode 136 - Zack Kravits : Creating A Do Or Die Mentality

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Zack Kravits is a filmmaker, photographer and entrepreneur. In the past he’s worked alongside Lewis HowesG-EazyAlpha Clothing and Stillhouse. Today he’s much more focused on building his personal brand. With guidance and inspiration from people in his network, he offers courses with his most recent one being The Creator’s Blueprint, the ultimate guide to becoming a full-time creative. He’s also the host of the Ramblin’ Radio podcast and the creator behindWeylynBags.

In this episode Zack discusses your numbers don’t determine your success, why living in his higher self helps him make decisions, the best advice he’s ever received was to get as uncomfortable as he possibly could and why he created a do or die mentality.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Coming to the realization that your numbers don’t determine your success (3:55)

  • Born/raised in the North West Suburbs of Chicago in Lincolnshire, IL (5:15)

  • In high school Zack played golf & volleyball. Started getting recruited for volleyball by colleges at 16 (10:05)

  • Attended Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) (11:45)

  • Grew a passion for fitness in college. Became a trainer and started his YouTube channel focusing on fitness wanting to become an influencer like Chris Jones & Christian Guzman (12:00)

  • Graduating college, Zack moved back home and started his Rambling Road vlog series documenting his life (15:30)

  • Unsure of what he wanted to do, he created a personal training business and had an interview with a financial advising firm (17:50)

  • Getting hired to shoot content for Alpha, a fitness apparel company, gave him confidence he could make a career out of filmmaking (19:50)

  • Knowing your worth is based on a feeling, not a mathematical calculation (22:10)

  • Connecting with Lewis Howes to help shoot his book tour in NYC all started from a tweet (24:55)

  • Best advice Lewis Howes gave him: “Move out and get as uncomfortable as you possibly can” (29:30)

  • Creating a do or die mentality when he moved out of his parents house to Chicago (31:35)

  • Today Zack tries to live in his higher self where he’s already made it which helps him say no to things to open more space/time for doing the things he wants to do (33:45)

  • Starting the workday at 11am like Rob Dyrdek (37:30)

  • Previously having done work with G-Eazy, Stillhouse, Lewis Howes, Alpha etc, Zack is focused on building his personal brand now (39:35)

  • With guidance from his friend Kathrin Zenkina ( the Manifestation Babe) and inspiration from Lewis Howes, Zack creates a filmmaker course and his freelancer course (41:05)

  • Over the years his perfection with creating has completely changed. Gary Vee quote “Your perfection is your insequirty” (49:45)

  • Inspired by Joe Rogan podcast and wanting to have a platform to share his voice he launch Ramblin’ Radio podcast in December 2018 (52:25)

  • Always loving backpacks and wanting to create his own product, Zack launched own brand: Weylyn Bags (56:35)

  • Writing down his short-term goals and sticking them to his wall above his computer (58:20)

  • Biggest sacrifice he’s made thus far: His mind / mentality (62:50)

  • Not following through with what he set out to accomplish is what scares him the most (67:45)

  • Zack Kravits purpose is to teach people the lessons he’s learned in the hopes that it helps them (71:40)

  • Ask Bobbay any 1 question: Describe your perfect from start to finish if money was no object (74:10)

  • Where to find Zack on social media

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (84:00)

    • Do as many things as possible 

    • Find someone who is doing it bigger/better than you and bring them value 

    • Don’t stop