Episode 137 - Amber Torrealba : Step By Step

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Amber Torrealba is a 2x World Champion Women’s Skimboarder and filmmaker. She also has a passion for skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. She’s created content for brands such as Red BullVaynerMedia and Adobe. Her signature pro model board just released and was designed by herself and manufactured by Victoria Skimboards. Having been so positively impacted by the sport of skimboarding, she hopes she can do the same for young women around the world.  

In this episode Amber discusses it’s you against yourself, how our progression can influence others without us knowing it, listening to your gut when making a decision, the ability to focus on staying consistent and a reminder to live our life day by day, step by step.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Stay true to you and do what you do for the right reasons and the rest will follow (5:05)

  • Not having an idea of how to make a living doing it but realizing she had a passion for skimboarding (6:35)

  • Raised in Palm Bay, Florida with one sister who was the opposite of Amber (9:10)

  • Being a reckless kid, she picked up skateboarding when she was young (10:20)

  • Played basketball + track growing up. She loved the speed / team aspect of basketball (12:45)

  • Always loved the energy from the beach & it pulled her in (14:10)

  • Attended University of Central Florida. Marketing & Digital Media major (15:50)

  • Launched Tru Skateboards. Skateboard company with a team, decks & merch (16:00)

  • Spent 7 years working for Radio Shack, managing a million dollar store. (23:05)

    • Showed her how much she didn’t want to follow a traditional path + the importance of discipline

  • At 24 Amber started her own marketing agency designing logos / packaging and managing brands social media accounts (27:20)

    • Started making Myspace layouts, product photography which then led to video production

  • Packed the car, left everything she knew behind her and moved to Laguna Beach, CA to pursue skimboarding + filmmaking solo (32:50)

    • Hitcase, one of her brand sponsors helped fund the move  

  • Skimboarding is surfing without a fin but starting at the shore and ending up back at the shore (39:30)

  • Becoming the 2016 + 2017 Victoria Skimboards Woman’s World Champion Skimboarder (43:05)

    • Constant focus on staying consistent + realizing it’s you against yourself helped achieve this goal 

  • Wave Pools are helping grow the sport of skimboarding being able to create a constant wave / structure (48:40)

  • Designing & creating her signature pro-model skimboard manufactured by Victoria Skimboards (51:40)

  • Having been positively impacted by the sport of skimboarding, Amber hopes to influence those who support the community (58:10)

  • Your success depends on your happiness (62:45)

  • Creating/filmmaking gives Amber a way to express herself mentally where skimboarding she expresses herself physically (68:50)

  • Having worked with Red Bull, Vaynermedia & Adobe, Amber has seen the benefit of trusting the process and having patience (73:15)

  • Before the end of 2019, Amber wants to go on another trip and give back to a community (Asia or a small island) (78:30)

  • Recite one sentence to herself every morning: Step by step (79:20)

  • Amber’s purpose is to bring perspective + encourage a different mindset in anything she’s involved with (81:45)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question: The day you decided to move out to LA, what was your biggest fear? (83:30)

  • Where to find Amber on social media

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (92:15)

    • Never stop searching & always keep discovering

    • If you’re doing it for the right reasons, the money will come