Episode 138 - Foley : Investing My Last Dollar Into Myself

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Foley is a designer, creative and entrepreneur. He’s helped with creative direction for recording artist MIKE, formerly Mike Stud, built his own personal brand ByFoley and recently announced his next venture, ardt, which is his new medium for all creative expression. This coming August he will be releasing his Varsity Jacket style Air Jordan 1 designed by him. He is a past guest of this podcast for Ep 46 - Do Something Today To Make Tomorrow Better that released July 19, 2017.

In this episode he discusses how cutting out unproductive content has benefited him, why seeing his peers succeed inspires him, his recent realization that taking care of your body is crucial, going the extra length to perfect his ideas and why he’d spend his last dollar investing in himself.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Foley is a previous guest of the podcast for Episode 46 (July 18, 2017)

  • Recently starting to meditation, it’s taught him how to observe his thoughts (7:25)

  • As Mike Stud begins his new journey of “MIKE”, nothing changes with the team. They’re all just better version of themselves (11:05)

  • Cutting out unproductive content during the day (13:05)

  • Seeing My Peers Succeed Is Inspiring (15:55)

  • Do something today to make tomorrow better is what Foley lives by (19:05)

  • Living on his own since 15, he’s still maintained a healthy relationship with his parents and little brother (23:10)

  • Having his girlfriend by his side the past 4 years has helped Foley stay focused and be happy (30:20)

  • Biggest sacrifice he’s made thus far is financially investing in himself (32:00)

  • Working with Mike Stud creatively and as business partners has been a healthy relationship. They built a multimillion dollar company and have started buying other companies as well (36:25)

  • Mentally Foley is a better person from working with MIKE. He’s influenced him to read certain books, listen to certain podcasts, start meditating etc (45:20)

  • The first artist he ever recorded on camera for was Mac Miller in Boston on August 6, 2011 for the Boston Urban Music Festival (48:05)

  • Recently launched his new company, Ardt, pronounced like “art” which he’d been thinking about since November of 2015. Definition: It’s the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination (58:40)

    • Wanted to create a platform that allowed him to create anything he wanted with whomever he wanted 

  • His dream car is a Mercedes 560 SL that he has tattooed on his arm. It was the car his father drove when he was growing up in MA (79:45)

  • Always wanting a varsity jacket like his father, he created his own version but of a Nike shoe (82:45)

  • Sent 24 emails to Nike and started getting packages in the mail for free when he was 16 in 2014 (85:30)

  • Getting matching “YNK” (Ya Neva Know) tattoos with Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus (94:00)

  • Varsity Jacket Jordan 1’s designed by Foley coming this August (95:40)

  • Foley’s definition of success is happiness (108:20)

  • Unsure of what his true purpose is, Foley wants to pay it forward and help bring people up in their careers  (112:50)

  • Collaboration helps growth (114:10) 

  • Ask Bobbay any 1 question: Do you have murder beef with all Uber drivers? (127:00)

  • Where to find Foley on social

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (133:30)

    • Be aware of what you consume on social media

    • Take care of yourself. Mentally & physically

    • Do something today to make tomorrow better