Episode 143 - JZAC : Create The Blueprint

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JZAC is a hip-hop artist from New Hampshire. During his sophomore year at Plymouth State University he recorded his first song on his friends Macbook internal microphone. The passion grew quickly and so he decided to go all in and bought himself recording equipment, software and began investing all of his time and energy into the craft.

Graduating with an Integrated Marketing & Communications degree, he worked at a local Frito-Lays warehouse and Market Basket to continue funding the music career.

What helped gain him exposure early on was creating freestyle videos that would go viral on Twitter. With all the inbound traffic he was getting from the videos, he was prepared and had some of his newest projects and singles for people to check out or music videos they could watch. 

Fast forward seven plus years since he started writing and recording, he’s now living in LA full-time off of his music. What he believes separates himself from other artists is his ability to be honest and authentic by telling his story and his truths. He hopes the music inspires and is relatable to what other people may be going through in their life. 

In this episode he discusses the importance of shooting your shot, why we must always be prepared and ready to go, why we shouldn’t be afraid to step outside of our comfort zone, hit “post” and keep it moving and even if the path isn’t clear, create the blueprint.

Podcast Outline (Time Marker For Audio Version Only)

  • Being a Calculated Risk Taker when there’s no blueprint to follow (4:40)

  • Born/raised in Derry, New Hampshire (6:55)

    • Older brother / older sister

    • Father was a fisherman, mother worked in a warehouse 

    • Basketball was a big passion growing up

  • Went to Pinkerton Academy, the largest high school in the U.S (10:50)

    • Played a lot of sports, stayed out of trouble 

  • Worked as a Merchandiser for Market Basket (12:00)

    • Taught him time management, worth ethic and a taste of doing something he didn’t want to do 

  • Attended Plymouth State University. Majored in Integrated Marketing & Communications (14:15)

    • Not knowing what he wanted to do post high school, he applied last minute and got in 

  • During Sophomore year at college he starts writing/recording music for the first time (17:05)

    • Growing up he listened to Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Kanye, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, J.Cole etc 

    • A friend had a Macbook with garageband and let him use it to record 

    • Eventually takes extra money out on his student loans to buy new equipment and go all in 

  • Graduating college he decides to keep chasing the music passion (22:00)

    • Recording artist Hopsin shared out one of his videos, got recognition around the world and gave him the confidence to keep going 

  • Started working at a Frito-Lay warehouse and Market Basket to pay the bills and fund the passion (23:45)

    • Living at home, building a fan base on the side

    • Stayed surrounded by other music focused people  

  • First show he ever performed was at Plymouth State for a “battle of the bands” (26:35)

  • Boston’s music market became a heavy focus of his (27:55)

    • Started performing / throwing shows. City became his “home” for shows 

    • Seeing other Boston artist thrive (Cousin Stizz, Cam Meekins, Michael Christmas) inspired him 

  • 2014/2015 Twitter allowed to upload 30 second videos (30:05)

    • Seeing freestyle Twitter pages pop-up, started uploading his content there 

    • Learned to shoot his shot and started direct messaging people to repost it  

  • Had a catalog of music for people to check out when they discovered JZAC (34:45)

    • Music video, blogs, freestyle videos etc

  • People that helped him in the early years (36:05)

    • Recording artist Nick Cheeks, Rocky his producer/engineer and other friends 

  • Fan question from Adam - In the early years, what keeps you so dedicated when you aren’t getting the credit you think you deserve? (37:35)

    • The love of writing and creating music 

    • Letting out emotions, having people connect with the music etc are all fueling him to keep creating

  • Moved out to LA at the beginning of 2019 (39:55) 

    • Knowing the opportunities that would come with living here on top of visiting multiple times a year, JZAC packed up and moved West 

    • Since living here, taught him to put himself out there more 

  • The honesty and authenticity is what separates JZAC music from everyone else (44:45)

  • Biggest struggle he’s faced to getting to where he is today is the mentality of believing he has what it takes (46:10)

  • Staying focused on the singles and hopefully a full project before the end of 2019 (48:10)

    • Dropping freestyle fridays every week

  • The formula for viral videos (51:20)

    • Concept / theme songs. Topics that are relatable across the board. 

  • The advice he’d give to the younger JZAC (52:00)

    • Don’t be afraid to put yourself and your music out there 

  • Fan q from Sierra - What inspires you? (55:30)

    • Day to day experiences. The ups, the downs and everything in between

    • Daily routines: music, hoop, reading books, YouTube videos 

  • One weakness he’d like to work on / one strength he’s most proud of (61:25)

    • Weakness - Open up more in studio sessions and voice his opinion 

  •  Definition of success (63:25)

    • Being genuinely happy with what you do 

  • Building a relationship with Odell Beckham Jr, Wide Receiver for the Cleveland Browns (64:10)

  • Most grateful for today (66:15)

    • To be making music for a living and his health 

  • JZAC’s purpose is to inspire others and have people relate to his music (67:55)

  • Ask Bobbay any 1 question: What is the worst Uber experience you’ve ever had? (70:50)

  • Where to find JZAC on social 

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (76:10)

    • Keep trying things that you enjoy

    • Get out of your comfort zone

    • Meet people in person