Episode 11 - Noble Norceide: Putting Yourself In Uncomfortable Situations

Would you believe it if I told you this was my second conversation with Noble? In fact it is. I constantly bring up the idea of putting yourself in a circle with like-minded people and the importance of good vibes and this is exactly why. We don’t need to have this crazy background of being ‘boyz’ for ten years to get into conversations like this. Find people with similar goals and energy because it will rub off on you and possibly push you one giant step forward.

When it comes to executing his plans for his vlog, Noble is constantly looking for new ways to grow his brand. From clothing, collaborating with other brands, new styles of content and so forth, he is constantly thinking about what to do next. I think a lot of people will seek careers or start businesses they really at heart are not passionate about. This entire episode you hear it in his voice that this is what he wants to do with the rest of his life, “everyday it's just about moving one inch forward.” Even being 25 years old, Noble still has a long journey ahead of him. Get inspired & learn something new from this week’s episode.

Podcast Outline

  • Who is Noble today?

  • Where/how did ‘The Museum TV’ come about?

    • Started off as a photo contest then transitioned into a show

  • The plan for the next 5 years

    • Purchase a home & create a bigger environment for growth

    • Focus on building the following to a respectable size

  • Having an article in The Huffington Post about The Museum

    • The importance of stepping back and celebrating moments of success

  • Why putting yourself in uncomfortable situations benefits your personal growth

    • “You’re doing the world injustice by not putting yourself out there”

  • Boston artists like Michael Christmas & Cousin Stizz playing a role on the youth

  • From the outside looking in, what it's like growing up in Dorchester/Roxbury/Mattapan of Boston

    • Lack of hope for people’s future

  • The advantages of building a brand in a small city versus New York or Los Angeles

  • Something about Noble that not a lot of people know

    • Growing up he was huge into Japanese animation Naruto

  • What Noble’s daily routine looks like

  • Something that needs to change about our society

    • We’re all far too sensitive about small things

  • Dating apps like Bumble & Tinder

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do you see?

    • Surrounded by family & cars

    • Good vibes & better space mentally then where he is now

  • Ask Bobbay any one question

    • What do you do for your beard in November?

  • Where can people find you on social media?

  • Two/three pieces of advice for someone on the pursuit of their own purpose

    • We’re not always able to do what we want but it's always important to believe in something before you do it

    • Don’t look for it, live your life