Episode 18 - Huey Mack: Being Patient and Enjoying The Ride

Photocredit: @Masonxcastillo

In life, we’re all dealt a different hand. It all comes down to how we play the cards. We have to take risks. We have to follow what we believe is the best route & sometimes this isn’t always as clear as we’d like it to be. We still need to follow our hearts, regardless of what people might think or say.  

Huey Mack (born Joseph Michael) told himself that if he didn’t have a record deal by the time he graduated high school he would give up on music and figure out what the next step was. Just a day before his senior class trip, he received a phone call that forever changed his life. He spent two years at West Virginia University, and before leaving to get out on the road and tour the country. Years later… he is still making music.

His 2013 album Pretending Perfection charted to the top of iTunes & elevated his music to the next level. It began a domino effect & for the next nine months everything just seemed to fall into place. Songs like “F**k Me Baby” received over 100,000+ plays in just twenty four hours. These were just small accolades that were playing a role on the bigger picture.  In the following years he released projects Things Change (2015), Longest Year of My Life (2016) & most recently Wild Winter EP (2016).

Even when he isn’t writing & recording his own music, Huey keeps the door open to different ideas & collaborations. “I never keep all my eggs in one basket” as he says in the podcast which has allowed him to build relationships with other artists.

Podcast Takeaway: When you’re on the pursuit of your passion, whether you know exactly what it is or not, be patient & enjoy the ride.





Podcast Outline

  • Who is Huey Mack today?

  • What was life like growing up in Morgantown, West Virginia?

    • Grew up with a single mother & never knew his father

    • Played sports throughout his childhood

  • High School gave himself ultimatum: if he doesn’t have record deal by graduation he's going to give up music

    • Got a call from Universal day before senior trip

  • Attended West Virginia University for 2 years

    • Music started to do well so he left school to start touring the country

  • How the name “Huey Mack” came about

    • Receiver got hurt playing NCAA video game & “Huey Mack” was the name generated

  • The inspiration to start writing & recording

  • Biggest hurdle Huey has had to cross as an artist

    • Breaking out of the “frat rap” group

  • Life lessons taken away from being in the music industry

    • You learn as you go

  • The power behind social media platforms like YouTube

  • The end vision (touring, writing, performing, etc)

    • When an opportunity arises & makes sense then Huey tackles it

    • Role with the punches & see what comes across his way

  • Chance The Rapper is one of Huey’s biggest current inspirations

  • Someone who is just starting to make music, what pieces of advice would you give to them?

    • Do what you feel is right... There is no wrong/right way to do it  

  • Wild Winter EP just released: 15 show tour

  • What’s Huey’s biggest fear?

    • Looking back on my life and thinking “I could’ve”

  • Best gift Huey has ever received?

    • The fans who really resonate with his music

  • Picture frame on the wall of Huey 10 years from now, what/who do we see?

    • See himself with a smile on his face

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question

    • Are you happy with where you’re at?

  • Where can to find Huey Mack on social media?

    • @HueyMack

  • What 2-3 pieces of advice to someone trying to find their passion

    • It comes to you, you can’t force it

    • Be patient & enjoy the ride