Episode 84 - Drama: Humbleness Is A Necessity

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You might know Drama from MTV’s Rob & Big or Fantasy Factory. Over the past decade he’s built a name for himself in the entertainment industry and along the way has grown into someone who wants to push himself forward as far as he can all the while showing people how to do it. Today he’s the CEO and founder of streetwear brand Young & Reckless, the host of Short Story Long podcast and a host on Group Chat.

Drama was raised in the small town of Coventry Township, Ohio alongside his older brother Scott. In high school he was somewhat antisocial, got B’s & C’s but was obsessed with skateboarding. With money he had from graduation, selling iPods and making a skate video he packed up and moved to Los Angeles with an opportunity to crash on his cousin’s couch who happen to be Rob Dyrdek. With his biggest dreams to live in SoCal and work at skateshop, Drama had no idea what the future had ahead of him and things were just getting started.

Over the next ten plus years he would go onto becoming a star. He was getting booked to do signings at stores, make club appearances and was fortunate to even treat himself to a new Lamborghini for his 26th birthday. Although having these “things” are great, along the journey he realized the true fulfillment came from positively helping people and seeing himself grow. His day-to-day routines include writing 5 things he’s most grateful for in his journal, meditating for 10 minutes, texting his mother and working on his fitness.

In this episode Drama discusses making a list of your goals & conquering them, taking risks go hand in hand with chasing after what you want, wanting to interview Kevin Hart, Richard Branson and Barack Obama, not realizing his full potential is what scares him the most, forcing yourself into situations you don’t want to be in and why humbleness is a necessity.


Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Drama today is the CEO/founder of streetwear brand Young & Reckless, he’s the host of Short Story Long podcast and a host on Group Chat. He who wants to show people anything is possible.

  • Born & raised in the farmland of Coventry Township, Ohio (11:15)

  • Raised with his older brother Scott, parents taught them the importance of family + love (12:20)

  • In high school got B’s & C’s, was somewhat antisocial but obsessed with skateboarding (16:05)

  • Was in a coma for 4 days from a skateboarding accident (17:50)

  • Takes money he had from graduation, selling iPods and a skate video, moves to LA and becomes Rob Dyrdek (Drama’s cousin) assistant  (20:05)

  • Was part of MTV’s Rob & Big (06-08) for 3 seasons, Fantasy Factory (09 - 15) for 7 seasons (25:45)

  • Rob Dyrdek's personality, positivity and ability to dream has rubbed off on Drama (29:55)

  • Young & Reckless is more than just a clothing brand but one that supports the youth in taking risks towards their dreams (31:55)

  • Short Story Long Podcast was created to document conversations Drama was already interested in having. Guests have included Lewis Howes, Rory Kramer, Nicky Diamonds, Tim Ferris, Shep Gordon etc (39:05)

  • Making a list of your goals & conquering them (48:16)

  • Wanting to interview Kevin Hart, Richard Branson & Barack Obama (50:55)

  • Do what you gotta do, start and see where you end up (60:05)

  • Co-Host of Group Chat with Dee Murthy talking everything/anything pop culture (64:20)

  • Even with all the cars, houses and money in Los Angeles, Drama is very grounded (68:05)

  • Not realizing his full potential is what scares him the most (72:45)  

  • Day-to-day routine (79:00)

  • Drama’s purpose is to push ahead as far as he can & show people how to do it (85:10)

  • Ask Bobbbaaay 1 question: When you’re at your peak, what’re you doing? / What is your biggest doubt about yourself? (90:00)

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see? (100:40)

  • Find Drama on social media

  • 2-3 pieces of advice for someone trying to find a passion/purpose (104:15)

    • Try everything positive. Read books, listen to podcasts etc

    • Sitting around waiting - nothing will show up. Go out there & try things

    • Focus on you and what you want to do, work your ass off and be nice to people