Episode 97 - Reese Hopper : No Longer Is It One In A Million

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Reese Hopperis the day-to-day manager of Jeremiah Davis aka That One Blond Kid(Ep 71), a world traveling videographer and content creator. With the experience he's had from the entrepreneurship and freelance space over the past two years, he consults brands/creatives and helps solve any issues that they might have.

Raised in Fresno, CA he was extremely involved as a child. From being in his own band to playing baseball, soccer and running cross country, he tried anything that interested him.

He went on to study Communications at Azusa Pacific University. After graduating from there, he moved to Venice, CA where he would work at a local coffee shop three separate times all the while trying to live full-time as a freelancer.

Most recently he launched his IGTV series breaking down different topics within the freelance space including OutreachSacrificesMaking ItRelationalBrandsRatesand Pride. He believes the best way to know how much you’re worth comes down to how much you believe you’re worth.

In this episode Reese discusses giving away value for free right off the bat when trying to get your name out there, don’t beat yourself up if you fall down. His morning routine includes no-email or social media for the first 2 hours of his day. Focus on building relationships instead of focusing on the transaction and how it’s no longer a one in a million chance of making it with your passion.


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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Podcast)

  • Enjoying the process of learning (11:32)

  • Born & raised in Fresno, CA surrounded by a great family. Two older brothers were positive influences (13:42)

  • Was in the choir, in a band, jazz band, played baseball, soccer & ran cross country (20:32)

  • Studied Communications at Azusa Pacific University (26:12)

  • Meeting Jeremiah Davis aka That One Blond Kid (Ep 71) + becoming his full-time manager (31:22)

  • Fan Question from Alexx Leedom: At what point is a creative manager needed? Should someone reach out  or wait to be approached? (41:52)

  • IGTV series focused on topics from Reese’s experience with entrepreneurship/freelance world (45:42)

    • Ep 1 - Outreach : Give away free value off the bat (46:12)

    • Ep 2 - Sacrifices : Short term losses for long term gains (48:52)

    • Ep 3 - Making It : If you’re willing to show up and work at it everyday, you will be successful (53:17)

    • Ep 4 - Relational : Focus on the relationship instead of the transaction (58:02)

    • Ep 5 - Brands : Bring value to brands and pitch them with answers to every possible question  (64:17)

    • Ep 6 - Rates : How much you’re worth comes down to how much you believe you’re worth (69:07)

    • Ep 7 - Pride : Don’t beat yourself up if you fall down (76:32)

  • Morning routine includes no snoozing on the alarm, no-email and no social media for the first 2 hours of the day (82:22)

  • Understanding when we’re most productive (85:53)

  • Encouraging + helping people is Reese’s purpose (90:52)

  • Where to find Reese on social media

    • Instagram

  • Advice for finding a passion / purpose (100:32)

    • What do you like doing? Think of creative ways to turn that into a living

    • Keep trying things you like. Commit, see where it takes you and adjust along the way

    • There