Episode 26 - Aaron Naft: Follow Your Heart When Everyone Is Telling You Not To

aaron naft 

aaron naft 

Episode 26: Aaron Naft has always lived his life on impulse & whenever he wants to try something new he goes for it. Born & raised in Bainbridge, Ohio, he decided the fall of his senior year he wanted to go to school in Boston. With little to no research he googled “business schools in Boston” & found himself at Bentley University without once visiting the school. During his final semester of college he was informed that he would be running on behalf of the Dana Farber Team alongside 500 other runners in the 120th Boston Marathon. Even with finals looming, being in his last semester of college & having to look for a career, Aaron didn't hesitate at the opportunity. This year for the 121st Marathon, Aaron is leading “Team Hugh” with a goal of raising $10,000. We discuss pushing the “demons” out of your head when they’re telling you to quit, taking a step back & appreciating what's around you, and following your heart even when everything else is telling you not to on this week’s episode.

Podcast Outline

  • Growing up in Bainbridge, Ohio

    • Enjoyed being outside and using his hands to take apart cars

    • Loved to stay busy & was very connected with his family

  • Parents taught Aaron to work hard & to always remain humble

    • Put best foot forward & things will always fall into place

    • Pay it forward to his family by raising his children with similar values

  • Came out to Boston, MA to Bentley University for college

    • Googled “business schools in Boston” & ended up out here

    • Much faster pace living then it is out in the mid-west

    • Didn’t have a passion going in so Aaron went with an open mind to see what he would come across

  • Studied abroad at Bond University in Australia

    • In high school went to boarding school in England that didn’t work out - this was a chance to try it again

    • Complete opposite side of the world

      • New culture

      • Gave him a chance to try aboard experience again

    • Eye opening experience to see how Americanized the world is

  • Started working at Hubspot shortly after graduation

    • Surrounded by a team of people pushing his career goals

  • Goal of raising $10,000 for Team Hugh

    • A patient at Dana Farber that Aaron was teamed up with when he was sponsored by the Dana Farber Marathon Team (500 people)

    • Hugh is from Australia, same middle name & favorite sport is baseball like Aaron’s

  • Training for marathon felt 80% mental, 10% nutrition & 10% physical

    • Running for Hugh, his family members & the city of Boston is what motivates him & get his through it

    • Push the demons “you’ve ran far enough today” outside of your head & have a fire behind you pushing you forward

  • It never feels like a good time to jump into something/chase your dreams

  • Biggest challenge in the past year Aaron has had to overcome

    • Settling down & taking a step back to recognize & appreciate what's around him

  • If he could change one thing about society it’s to get people to look around

    • Put down the phone for 5 mins to enjoy what's around you

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see?

    • No matter where the world takes him his family & friends will be within the frame

  • Ask Bobbaaay 1 question: What sent you to creating the Purpose in the Youth?

  • Where to find Aaron on social media?

    • Donate : Venmo @TeamHugh

    • Aaron Naft: @Anaft_15

  • What 2-3 pieces of advice to someone who is trying to find their passion/purpose

    • Figure out what you’re passionate about

    • Don’t be afraid to fail… let the fear motivate you & take the leap

    • Surround yourself with people that’re going to support you