Episode 43 - Alexa Curtis: Confidence Comes With Age As You Grow Into Yourself

Alexa’s story is pretty inspiring and that as long as you have confidence in yourself, you can accomplish just about anything. At just seven years old, her father was wrongfully convicted and placed in a maximum security prison for five years until they were able to prove him innocent. She launched a blog, A Life In The Fashion Lane, which served as a therapy as she was able to write posts based on what she was going through in her life at the time. Looking back on them, they serve as a documentation of what she has been through. No matter the highs or lows, she always published the honest truth.

As of today she has been on the Today show, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, Good Day LA, Rachel Ray and featured on publications like Rolling Stone. She recently launched her first nonprofit, M.I.N.T. (Media Impact and Navigation for Teens) and continues to help influence the younger generation to ignore what the social media says and to stay true to who they are.

Alexa has been through some tough situations and has had people tell her to give up but she has only used that to keep pushing her forward. For her the answer “no” is simply helping her rewire the brain to want it even more and to never lose hope for any ideas that she has.

Episode takeaway: It takes time to get to where you want to be and in order to make it happen you must have patience. You may not have the opportunity you’ve been looking for just yet, but as time goes by you’re only getting smarter and honing in on your craft or skill that will help you when the right opportunity does arise.

Podcast Overview

  • Who is Alexa Curtis today and how young is she?

    • 19 years young, teen influencer that runs “A Life In The Fashion Lane” blog and runs a nonprofit for teens on social media and mental health

  • Grew up in Eastern Connecticut

    • Not comfortable with the environment she was in, Alexa dropped out of high school at 16 and finished classes online

    • When she was 7 her father was wrongfully convicted for a terrible crime and was in a maximum security prison for 5 years. Spent everyday visiting him from 7-12.  (3:40)

    • Story was very public, had started her blog and was being bullied by the kids in her small town

  • A Life In The Fashion Lane

    • Blog became a form of therapy, gave Alexa a medium to express her thoughts and feelings on different topics

    • She can reflect on previous posts to remind herself of what she’s gone through and that no matter what she still hit “publish” (6:00)

    • Chose the name based on her interests in the fashion industry and wanting to maybe be an actress one day

  • There's a lot more going on behind the scenes of anyone that is successful

  • Benefit of being in a creative field and as well as a young entrepreneur is having the power to do whatever you want to do (12:20)

    • The beauty of seeing ideas come to reality and creating content however you please

    • There is no wrong/right way to do anything it’s all just trial and error

  • “Role Model or Runway Model” blog at 16 on Alexa’s eating disorder and honest truth to what she had done to maintain her image, going on Rachel Ray for her first tv segment and featured on Rolling Stone for “13 Reasons Why” have all played a major role in her success (15:00)

    • Received tons of feedback from the blogpost and found out that other girls had been going through something similar

    • Showed Alexa that there is always someone else out there dealing with what you’re going through

  • Had segments on Good Day LA, Good Morning America, Today Show, NBC Nightly News, never imagined being on any of them

    • Called the Today Show producer everyday for 12 months before she was given the opportunity to come on the show  (16:55)

      • Was getting “No, not interested” in response, motivated her to keep trying

    • Biggest difficulty with being on national television is the people watching you and the preparation for the segment

  • Pitched a television show to a Warner Brothers producer and was turned down (23:25)

    • Being told no, you have to rework your brain to want it even more

    • Taking a vision you have and bringing it to life by executing it

  • Launched M.I.N.T. after speaking at a conference in New York about social media and mental health

    • Got lunch with one of the panel members and wanted to create the “d.a.r.e.” of social media

    • E-mailed a couple of schools about coming in to speak about how social media is affecting kids brains, booked some talks and made it a nonprofit

  • Growing up with the internet along with small ounces of success Alexa has had along the way has given her full confidence in herself (34:00)

    • Being able to live the life she’s dreamed of, traveling and gaining perspective from different places in the world and living without regret

    • Confidence is something that comes with age, getting older and growing into yourself

  • Life is all about balance of working hard but also enjoying yourself

  • People that haven’t gotten the opportunity they’re looking for, they should write down their goals (38:20)

    • Write it on a journal and be someone that is always looking at. What you want everything in your life to look like, get thirsty for it and continue to chase these dreams

  • If Alexa wrote a book today, the title would be “Life As We Know It” (41:20)

    • When you do different things and new opportunities pop up it's the life you know now, then three years later it will be different

  • Interested in trying out skim boarding and competitive boxing

  • Ask Bobbbaaay Question

    • What is the one trait anyone needs to be a successful entrepreneur?

    • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

  • Picture frame of Alexa on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see

    • Big office in New York all black and white aesthetic, 15 boxes of cupcakes, coffee, bottle champagne in sweatpants and a sweatshirt

    • Being surrounded by people who enjoy working with Alexa and have good things to say about her

  • Where to find Alexa on social media

    • Instagram/Twitter: @Alexa_Curtis

    • Alifeinthefashionlane.com

    • M.I.N.T.: @Mintnav

  • 2-3 pieces of advice for someone trying to find their passion or purpose

    • If you have an idea and can financially support yourself - go for it

    • Find those 2-3 friends you can call no matter what happens in your life that are there for you

    • Stop caring what people think and give yourself enough credit. Start taking pictures or writing things down, experiment and try new things.