Episode 79 - Alexis Xol: Make Every Minute Count

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If you’re looking to get some ink done, Alexis Xol is your gal. What started as an apprenticeship when she was 16 at Rich Ink tattoo in North Hollywood, CA  turned into a full-time career which she absolutely loves. For her it’s about using her passion to positively impact people and bringing their ideas to life.

She grew up in Burbank, CA a very conservative community and was the youngest of three sisters. In high school she was on the varsity cheer team and even became a captain at one point. She loved the competitive nature of the sport and it pushed herself to become the best. Along the way drawing had always been something she enjoyed and with guidance from one of the woman that she worked with, she began to transition into tattoos.

The first tattoo she ever gave was a $ sign and as she continued to get better at it and develop her own style, the demand for her work continued to rise. As of today she only takes appointments which has helped her maximize every minute of the day. She plans to open up her own shop in the future that will also serve as a studio space for people to collaborate and connect.

In this episode Alexis disuccusess how running throughout the week has helped decrease anxiety, if you’re good to the world the world will be better to you and go for the path that is going to make YOU happy.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Alexis is 20 years young tattoo artist in North Hollywood, CA

  • Growing up in Burbank, CA around a very conservative community (4:32)

  • Mother served as an important role model for Alexis & her two older sisters (7:57)

  • Trying to adjust after her parents divorced was not easy (14:47)

  • Captain of the Cheer team in high school  (17:47)

  • Started off as an apprentice at Rich Ink Tattoo when she was 16, licensed by 18 (19:52)

  • First tattoo she gave was a $ sign (24:32)

  • Establishing her tattoo style (28:42)

  • Make every minute count by only taking appointments (39:27)

  • Being around successful people motivated Alexis to get her own (49:32)

  • Wanting to open her own shop one day (52:42)

  • Running 4-5 times a week has helped with anxiety (59:30)

  • Using her passion to positively impact people’s lives (63:02)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 Quesiton: Do you have any tattoos? If not & you had to get one today, what would it be? (65:02)

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  • Finding your passion/purpose (73:27)

    • Go for a path that’s going to make YOU happy

    • Think about where you want to be in 5/10 years and start putting in the work now

    • Heavy persistence - continue believing in yourself, success and what you’re doing

    • If you’re good to the world / people - the world will be better to you