Episode 64 - Andrew Meoray: Meditating Builds Confidence

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The role of a music producer is to make the music behind the artist. Not only does Andrew produce but he’s also an artist and audio engineer. Some of his production credits include Kevin Gates, Tory Lanez, Pnb Meen & more. If he had the chance to work with any producer today it would be Pharrell.  

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA he spent some of his early life on a Navy base and went to a catholic school. When he was in 4th grade his father passed away from lung cancer and so his mother was left caring for him, his older brother and younger sister. What he didn’t realize at the time was that over the years of watching his mother struggle to deal with his father’s passing would later teach him a lesson that no matter what happens in your life you can overcome any situation.

Music played an important role in his life early on. He enjoyed dance and tried tap, jazz and ballet. When he was able to pick up an instrument for the first time his teacher recommended he get private lessons because of how natural it was for him to play. Even with a full ride to Millersville College he turned it down. As time went he would become a classically trained cellist, jazz pianist, learned how to play the keys and guitar, toured with punk bands on Vans Warped Tour and enjoyed rap music. Today he lives full time off of his passion.

In this episode Andrew discusses how he gets ready for the day ahead of him, being self-motivated and keeping track of what needs to get done, the hardest part about following a passion, a 45 min lecture he world teach the world based his journey thus far, wanting to become a more opened minded person, being nominated for the 2017 Philly Hip Hop Awards and how changing from a pessimistic to an optimistic person has helped him.

One of the main takeaways from this episode is that meditating builds confidence. Being alone with your thoughts allows us to better understand who we’re, what our goals are and it allows us to appreciate what we already have in front of us.


Podcast Outline (Time Makers For Audio Version Only) 

  • Who is Andrew Meoray today and how young is he? (3:38)

    • Artist, producer, audio engineer who is 23 years young

  • Grew up in Philadelphia, PA (5:45)

    • Early life lived on Navy base, went to a Catholic school

    • Father passed away when he was in 4th grade from lung cancer

    • One of his biggest struggles was the amount of death he had to deal with as a kid (bestfriend died at 5 from Leukemia, his friend’s father died two weeks prior to his father and his grandfather passed away)

  • Always did well in school and enjoyed dancing

    • Tap, jazz and ballet

  • His mother served as a role model for him (6:52)

    • Although it wasn’t easy for anyone in the family to lose their father, it showed him that you can overcome any situation in life

  • Something he wish he had known his freshmen year of highschool was that you could blend different genres of music together (10:35)

    • Had a full ride to Millersville College but turned it down

    • Classically trained cellist, Jazz Pianist, toured in Punk Bands and liked rap

  • The role of a music producer is to make the music behind the artist (13:25)

    • Will start from scratch with the artist in the room and see where it goes

  • Has produced for Kevin Gates, Tory Lanez, Pnb Meen & more (15:10)

    • Early on his teachers in school recognized the talent he was born with and pushed to get him private lessons

    • Andrew could listen to a soundtrack and find a way to play it on his piano

    • Learning to play different instruments has given him more tools to work with

  • Confidence is something he’s learned through music that he’s translated into his personal life (22:19)

    • You can’t get anywhere in music without putting yourself out there and same goes to anything else

    • Meditating is one way to build your confidence

  • If he could work with any producer alive today it would be Pharrell (27:27)

    • One of the first black urban artists to come out with rockstar clothes that shifted culture

  • Nominated for the 2017 Philly Hip Hop Awards 2017 as a top producer (28:52)

    • Operating out of his mother’s house and clients are still showing up at his door to work with him

    • Was able to rise the “ranks” quickly because he was working with everyone and putting himself out there

  • In the next 6 months wants to get his artist stuff to be known more than his production (31:40)

    • The production is his foot in the door

    • Whether it’s producing a big hit for someone, get a major placement or getting more buzz all he sees is success

  • Changing from a pessimistic person to an optimist (32:25)

    • Meditating has helped him see the good in every situation

  • How he gets focused when there’s millions of things going on around him

    • Has always been self-motivating, OCD about what needs to get done and when

  • Hardest part about following a passion (37:53)

    • Not listening to other people. Everyone will have an opinion, choosing which people to actually listen to is important.

  • Teach the entire world a 45 min lecture on a lesson he’s learned along the journey thus far (40:13)

    • To be confident and not to doubt yourself

  • If he had to choose something to work on about himself (41:57)

    • Being more opened minded, listening to music he doesn’t like and pulling something from it, being confident going out alone

  • What he does everyday that helps his success (45:10)

    • Gym, meditates and won’t start his work until noon

    • Enjoys breakfast and coffee in the morning and likes to “warm up” to his day

  • Andrews purpose (46:50)

    • Wants to change the sound of music and push it further than it’s been pushed before

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 Question (48:20)

    • What is your purpose?

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see (53:20)

    • Traveling the world because of his music and surrounded by his friends that he came up with

  • Find Andrew on Social media (@AndrewMeoray

  • 2-3 pieces of advice for someone trying to find their passion/purpose (55:29)

    • Don’t overthink cause you probably know deep down

    • Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do it

    • Be confident