Episode 76 - Aryia: Ignore The Negativity


Aryia is most known for being the star behind the YouTube channel “Simple Sexy Stupid” which has grown to 967k+  subscribers with 144 Million overall views where he interviews woman about relationships, sex and their perspective on specific topics. As he slowly steps away from the channel he’s beginning to put all of his time and energy into his music career which has been his safe haven ever since he was a kid.


Raised in Orange County, CA kids would make fun of him for his name, religion and the way he dressed. Moving away to San Jose, CA in 7th grade gave him a fresh restart until 2 years later he moved back to the O.C. and was back to square one. After coming across the YouTube channel “Simple Pickup” he was inspired to start his own and really started to gain confidence in himself because of it. With his parents wanting him to get a degree from higher education he went on to spend 3 months at Saddleback College before going full-time as a creative.

In this episode Aryia discusses creating his alter ego “Ashton”, if he could tell his younger self one piece of advice what it would be, allowing yourself to be curious and try things out, people view confidence as an armor that you “have” to put on when that’s not the case, wanting to save the world by giving back and ignoring any and all negativity.

Podcast Outline ( Time Markers For Audio Version Only) 

  • Aryia is artist/YouTuber 21 years young

  • Grew up in Orange County, CA (3:49)

  • Being bullied as a child because of his name and religion (5:59)

  • Moved to San Jose in 7th grade and created “Ashton” his alter ego to have a fresh restart (12:29)

  • Ends up back in his hometown 2 years later and is not happy about it (16:49)

  • If he could tell himself one piece of advice it be to not care what people think / ignore the negativity (21:34)

  • Gets inspired to start a YouTube channel after seeing “Simple Pickup” and how easily they got woman  (23:14)

  • Favorite interviews of Simple Sexy Stupid (34:14)

  • Spent 3 months at Saddleback College before dropping all classes (37:04)

  • Loses YouTube money, becomes a busboy and rebuilds his 2nd channel Papi Wolfy (45:09)

  • Music has always been part of his life and it’s now his #1 priority (51:14)

  • Today he’s most grateful for his girlfriend (57:49)

  • People need to be more introspective (62:14)

  • Aryia’s purpose is to save the world (67:19)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question: What’s your biggest love? (70:24)

  • 10 years from now, Aryia wants to help other artists (record label)  (75:59)  

  • Where to find Aryia on social media

  • 2-3 piece of advice for finding a passion/purpose (80:29)

    • Allow yourself to be curious

    • Start journaling everyday / pay attention to what you enjoy