Episode 86 - Ash Katch: Living Your Daydream

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Ash Katch is a content creator, vlogger and someone who loves to travel. She recently got back to the U.S. after helping out with the Rad Livin Festival in Sydney, Australia for the past couple months. With a goal to start her own business that operates sustainably, she wants to impact people but also help keep this Earth clean.

Born and raised in Fresno, CA she grew up in safe environment but felt it sheltered her from seeing what else was in the world. Serving as a leader on her cross country team in high school she was someone that people could look up to and she pushed everyone to their full potential including herself. She then went on to spend five years at Cal Poly State University and majored in Environmental Engineering.

After just three months in her first full-time career, not passionate with the work she was doing she decided to leave in pursuit of finding wanting to live her own daydream. People tried convincing her to stick with it for at least a year and being honest with the fact that life is short she listened to her gut anyways. She thinks most people try to fit the mold that they’re supposed to be in but in reality there is none, we’re all writing the script of our own story. Through her vlogs she documents her journey which has helped her stay true to herself.

In this episode Ash discusses what we can do today to help better the world, the biggest doubt she has in herself is wondering if she has what it takes, best lesson she’s learned from Gary Vee is being okay with failure, when you’ve found that “thing” it stops being about the end game but instead the process, suffocating your bullshit and living your day dream.  


Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Ash Catch today is a content creator / YouTuber. Also works for a festival in Sydney, Australia called Rad Livin.

  • Grew up in Fresno, CA. Felt very sheltered growing up, didn’t realize what was in the world (4:35)

  • Father played a heavy influence on Ash, he owned a construction business (7:50)

  • Being a leader for her cross country team taught her how to lead by example (10:25)

  • Attended Cal Poly State University and majored in Environmental Engineering (12:45)

  • Spent three months at her first job out of college, wasn’t passionate with it and left (18:05)

  • A slogan Ash lives by: Living Your Daydream (21:20)

  • There is no “mold” you have to fit in, you’re writing the script of your own story (24:40)

  • Through creating content she’s learned how to be herself again (26:30)

  • Rad Livin festival in Australia (28:55)

  • Living in Australia she’s met people from all around the world (32:40)

  • Design carefully, source responsibly, manufacture ethically, market righteously and consume consciously (34:05)

  • Wanting to start a business within a year that operates sustainably (37:40)

  • Reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, straws and bags are little changes that can help the environment (39:20)

  • Biggest doubt she has about herself is asking if she’s capable of doing the things she actually wants to do (43:00)

  • When you’ve found that “thing” and you’re chasing it - you’ve made it (51:15)

  • Best lesson from Gary Vee: Being okay with failure, it’s a natural part of your journey (53:10)  

  • Coffee is a must in her day-to-day schedule (57:35)

  • Ash Catch purpose is doing business with integrity + sustainability and living a life that encourages people to do the same however they want (58:45)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question: In your life, in general - what’s a struggle you’ve had in the recent past month/year? (62:05)

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now: Ash Catch on stage talking in front of people (69:25)

  • Where to find Ash Catch on social media

    • Instagram

    • Twitter

    • Facebook

    • YouTube

  • Advice for finding a passion / purpose (72:05)

    • Start doing more of what you love and listen to the tugs in your heart

    • Surround yourself with the right people

    • Give yourself a break, there are ups/downs