Episode 87 - Blake Pinsker: Finding The Right People

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Blake Pinsker is the director of brand for Mvmt (formerly known as Mvmt Watches). With a message from one of his childhood friends Jake Kassan, the CEO and co-founder of Mvmt, he began helping out in anyway that he could in 2013. Utilizing social media they grew the business from four guys in an apartment to a thirty-five person team that did approximately 70 million in sales in 2017.

Growing up in Valenica, CA he had both an older and younger sister. Although he always leaned more towards the creative activities he dedicated his life to sports such as basketball, football and some baseball. Even when Blake would mess up his parents were very supportive and understanding. With goals of being the GM of the New York Knicks or being a personality on ESPN, you could say he liked to dream big.

San Diego State University welcomed him with open arms and within two years Blake found his passion for marketing. Upon graduating and being told there was no money in that industry he jumped into real estate. Just as he was figuring out this career path was not meant for him he began working on Mvmt projects. He was passionate and determined to succeed and within time he would leave his real estate job to chase the dream with his friends. As of today Mvmt surpassed 1 million followers on Instagram, they continue to roll out different products such as bracelets, sunglasses and accessories but most importantly - they continue to reinvest in the brand.

In this episode Blake discusses why it’s not about being the best but being the one that wants it more, Mvmt’s tagline Live Life On Your Own Terms, importance of creating an experience that gets people to come back, making every second count, short term speed; long term patience, we’re capable of anything and the importance of finding the right people.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Blake Pinsker is the director of brand for Mvmt (formerly known as Mvmt Watches)

  • Grew up in Valenica, CA with two sisters (one older, one younger) (6:38)

  • Dedicated his life to sports even though he learned more towards creative (8:38)

  • Parents were always open to having friends over (had 2 of them move in) and were always very supportive even when Blake messed up (12:58)

  • His coaches growing up played a heavy influence on him (basketball, football and some baseball) (17:53)

  • Attended San Diego State University and graduated as a marketing major (19:18)

  • Goals of wanting to be the GM of the Knicks or on ESPN (21:03)

  • Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone (22:43)

  • People around Blake told him there was no money to be made in marketing, he jumps into the real estate world (29:18)

  • Gets a message from his childhood friend Jake Kassan (CEO / Co-founder of Mvmt) to join the company in 2013 (35:13)

  • “If you’re not happy and you’re going to work not happy, try everything until it clicks” - Mark Cuban (38:38)

  • Not being able to compete with the “big boys” with commercials + billboards, Mvmt utilized social media to their advantage (42:23)

  • Growing the business from 0 to 70 million in sales in four years (46:48)

  • Mvmt as a brand represents Live Life On Your Own Terms (51:43)

  • Make Every Second Count collab with Sam Kolder (53:13)

  • “Short term speed, long term patience” - Gary Vee (55:18)

  • Biggest set back with Mvmt is a product line that didn’t go the way Blake thought it would go (58:33)

  • The one on one touch point with the customers can make or break the relationship (63:48)  

  • Biggest lesson from working with Jake + Kramer is to be unselfish and have confidence in the team to delegate big tasks to them (68:28)

  • Finding the right people for your team is key to success (71:43)

  • Reinvesting in the brand and strategy to grow it moving forward (74:48)

  • Giving a lesson to the world: how to find that happiness, how to be inspired and how to believe (85:33)

  • Mom, Dad, Mark Cuban, Gary Vee & Tim Ferris inspire him the most (89:33)  

  • Gym, mediating, flush + flood his body & day - to - day routines (92:23)

  • I am capable of anything (98:26)

  • Blake’s purpose is to inspire (99:43)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question: Greatest advice you’ve ever received? (101:33)

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what / who we see with Blake (105:50)

  • Find Blake on social

  • Find Mvmt on social

  • Advice for someone trying to find a passion/purpose (112:03)

    • Understand it’s a marathon. It’s easy to get frustrated looking at what other people have instead of looking at what’s in front of you

    • Be open to new opportunities is essential

    • Knowing it’s not going to happen overnight