Episode 74 - Bobby Hobert:


Over the past 73 episodes of this podcast he’s sat down with artists, DJ’s, producers, entrepreneurs, talent managers, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, travel bloggers etc breaking down their story and passion. Today guest host Steve Rush sits down and breaks down the story of Bobby “Bobbbaaaay” Hobert aka ya favorite bearded man.

Chicopee, MA is where it all began and it was a great city for him to grow up in. His mother, father, sister and extended family have helped play a huge role in getting him to where he is today as they’ve served as mentors for him. When he was in 7th grade he got his first job working for his uncle which taught him work ethic and the value of a dollar bill which he still carries with him today. After graduating high school he spent 1 year at Lasell College before transferring to Bentley University where he graduated from in May of 2016.

Finishing college, not wanting to go into the corporate world and unsure of what his true passion was he started Purpose in the Youth podcast August 31, 2016 and began talking to people that had found their passion. Now residing in Los Angeles a city that he dreamed of living in since he was a kid he continues to follow his dreams, jump on the things that interest him and documents the journey along the way.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Bobbbaaaay is a 24 years young content creator and host of Purpose in the Youth who is in the process of trying to figure it out (2:08)

  • Grew up in Western MA (Chicopee) with a mix cultured community which has helped shape him to who he is today (4:18)

  • Aside from his immediate family his uncles, aunts and cousins served as mentors for him (9:23)

  • Losing a family member during his sophomore year of high school was one of the first big humps he had to overcome (13:43)

  • Early on he grew a work ethic and enjoyed making/saving money (21:03)

  • Graduates high school, doesn’t get into his #1 choice (Bentley U) and ends up at Lasell College (26:18)

  • Later ends up transferring to Bentley University (31:13)

  • Experience from an internship made him realize he didn’t want to go into the corporate world (36:03)

  • Getting inspired and wanting to start his own podcast (41:38)

  • Graduates college, no game plan and goes back to working for his uncle (47:18)

  • Flying out to Tour Manage an artist, being the opening DJ and hitting clubs in Chicago (50:58)

  • Lewis Howes inspired, Gary Vee fueled the fire & Drama was a mentor (53:38)

  • Experience with moving to California (56:18)

  • Reacting to people that do not want to be on the podcast in a positive way (62:32)

  • Morning ritual / daily routine (67:03)

  • Being the world’s greatest Uber driver (69:23)

  • Inspiring others while trying to figure out his own path is what his purpose is (73:03)

  • 10 years from now on the beach in LA surrounded by family, friends and people who’ve helped along the way (76:18)

  • Besides creating content he enjoys experiencing new things (79:03)