Episode 77 - Cam Nizz: Believe In Yourself

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Cam Nizz is not only a music photographer but really an all around creative person. He lives in Los Angeles, has become a main role in Justin Escalona’s (Ep 20) daily vlog “Daily Docs” and keeps an open mind for the unknown possibilities that could arrive at his doorstep at any given moment.

He was raised in Kirksville, Missouri alongside his younger brother. There was a bit of tension with him and his parents when he was hanging out with the wrong crowd and he eventually got back on the right path. In highschool he played basketball and football but during his junior year he was battling depression and was sick of listening to people tell him how to live his life. One day looking at himself in the mirror, he realized all he needed to do was become the best version of himself and do what makes him happy.

After attending Truman State University on a football scholarship for less than a year - he left. He was failing the majority of his classes and realized it wasn’t meant for him. Instead he had a vision to work, save up money and move to LA to continue to focus on his photography passion and so he did that. One relationship that has helped get him to where he is today is with recording artist Anthony Russo.

In this episode Cam discusses attending a G-Eazy concert is what inspired his passion, you have the power to control your life, wanting to be a good host to his ideas and seeing them through,  recognizing that genuine relationships take time, as a creative - don’t connect yourself to your work because you’ll never like it and most importantly...believe in yourself.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Cam Nizz is a 20 years young music photographer living in LA who is featured heavily in Justin Escalona’s (Ep 20 of the podcast) Daily Docs Vlogs

  • Grew up in Kirksville, Missouri (5:20)

  • Had some tension with his parents when he was hanging out with the wrong crowd (8:10)

  • Junior year of high school was battling depression (9:55)

  • Got inspired to pursue his photography passion from a G-Eazy concert (13:05)

    • Grandparents bought him his first camera for christmas

  • Attended Truman State University on a football scholarship (19:30)

    • Left 3 weeks before the semester ended. Was failing his classes so he came up with a gameplan to work, save money & move to LA

  • Working with Anthony Russo showed Cam that you have the power to control your own life (30:15)

  • Gets to LA, lives with Anthony for a bit and then moves in with Justin Escalona (35:00)

  • It’s great to have a passion but you need to keep an open mind to other possibilities (41:30)

  • Inspired from the vlogging he would like to get into screenwriting (44:20)

  • What scares him the most is not being a good host to his ideas (48:15)

  • Best piece of advice was from his Uncle Paul - “Don’t connect yourself to your work because you’ll never like it” (51:25)

  • If he wrote a book today he’d title it Truth (53:25)

  • Cam’s purpose is to inspire others and spread the message of peace, positivity and love (57:20)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay a Quesiton: If there is 1 thing that you could do now that isn’t possible now that will be in 10 years, what would it be? (60:30)

  • Picture frame 10 years from now: Living in LA, at his crib, with his wife, a little kid, a dog and his homes on the roof (64:45)

  • Where to find Cam on social media

    • Instagram

    • Twitter

    • Snapchat

  • Advice for someone trying to find their passion (69:15)

    • Believe in yourself

    • If you don’t know what that “thing” is, trust that it will come

    • Try and have a plan / slight idea of what you want to do