Episode 58 - Carter Reeves: Life Goes On

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During his junior year of highschool him and his friend Dave formed a band with no game plan except to create great music. Just a year later they were being flown out from their hometown of Wayland, MA, a suburb of Boston as their band ‘AER’ was beginning to have some traction. For the next six years they would go onto headlining their own national tours, rocked out in Europe and saw their self-titled project debut at #26 on Billboard.

In May of 2016 they mutually came to an agreement it was time for both of them to split ways and go on their own adventures to see where the world would take them.

Today Carter Reeves is “letting people love the music for what it is” as he continues to explore this new wave and sound. He is focused on becoming the best musician he can possibly be and wants nothing more than to make people happy.

In this episode Carter discusses seeing through with ideas we have because if we say we’re going to do something then we need to do it, as long as we believe in what we’re creating than that is all that matters, be comfortable in your own skin, if you’re never setting yourself up to get inspired it’ll never come to you, all we need to focus on is living in this very moment, capturing an idea or thought and coming back to it at a different time, having structure to your day and mapping it out, change is never a bad thing and understanding that no matter what… life goes on.

One of the main takeaways from this episode is understanding that life goes on. When faced with a difficult situation we can either let is hold us down or we can acknowledge it for what it is and move on. As much as we wish we could hit pause on the entire world so we could deal with our personal situations before everything goes back to normal, we can’t. The sooner we’re able to realize this then the easier it will be for us to come peace with it. Change is inevitable and something we cannot control but one thing we do control is the way we react to it. 

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version)  

  • Who is Carter Reeves today? (3:37)

    • Trying to find his music, exploring, grabbing his mindfulness and  trying to do everything right

  • Grew up in the suburbs of Boston in Wayland, MA (5:20)

    • Struggled to find his “place” and where he fit in

    • Tried chorus but was very self-conscious with it

    • His mother pushed him to try piano and wanted him to experiment and see if he enjoyed it

  • One moment he’ll never forget is the first time he caught a wave surfing (10:31)

    • Instilled dedication for a passion since he lived an hour plus from the beaches

    • It was the first “thing” that he discovered that he liked it and went out of his way to do it

  • Carter’s two older brothers helped influence him to becoming who he is today (13:10)

    • Oldest was six years age difference, the other was two years

    • Learned quickly to be comfortable in his own skin and to laugh at any of his own personal flaws

  • Hip-hop played a heavily influence in getting Carter interested into the music world (17:17)

    • 8th grade all his friends and Dave (other half of AER) would produce beats and they would record into a keyboard that had speakers

  • ‘AER’ was born after his band broke up junior year of high school (18:15)

    • There was no game plan for what they were going to do besides create music

    • Carter spent 8 months in Costa Rica his junior year of high school because his parents wanted him to learn and open his eyes to what else was in the world

      • Dave would produce beats, send them to him to record his vocals and then he’d send it back to him to finalize the track

  • Max Gredinger (Manager to AER and now Carter Reeves) had his blog Hold My Coat and reached out to the guys when he came across their music (21:50)

    • Each of them signed a contract and made Max their official manager

  • Senior year of high school AER started getting booked for shows, fanbase was growing and things were starting to click (24:33)

  • AER was jumping at any/every opportunity where they’d be able to perform, get better and make steps forward

    • In the beginning all that mattered was that they were playing in front of people. Each show was helping them progress and they were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel

  • May of 2016, Dave and Carter mutually agreed to stop AER and to explore/follow their own paths (34:17)

    • Some of the biggest moments include playing Firefly Music Festival in June 2014 in front of 30,000+ people singing the words with them 

    • Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta, GA

    • Toured Europe (sold out in London, 500 people in Germany)

  • Hitting the restart button and operating as “Carter Reeves” has been refreshing (37:25)

    • Understood he was starting at the very bottom and was going to have to rebuild an entirely new brand

    • Released his first project “Fresh Fruit” which got good feedback and the streaming did well

    • Taking influences like Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jack Johnson, Sublime and creating the best music he can create (41:15)

    • Letting people love the music for what it is and not because of what they see on Instagram or Snapchat

  • The main goal is to see Carter Reeves become a better musician (51:03)

    • It will translate into better music because he is learning more and opening up doors to things he might not have known before. It will only put him in a better position for every aspect of Carter.

  • Change is good to build your character and show you firsthand how to handle situations that pop up in life (55:14)

    • Life continues to go on no matter how the chips fall. If you let things hold you down, you’re only hurting yourself

    • Spending four years in Brooklyn, NY was great but the transition to LA has been helpful

  • If you’re never setting yourself up to get inspired, it’ll never come to you (58:45)

    • Putting yourself in a position where something could randomly start is the only way it’ll happen (Sitting in front of your desk, starting to write on a blank sheet of paper or picking up an instrument etc)

    • Treat it like a job, show up and see what happens

    • Traveling, trying something new for the first time or anything that takes us out of our comfort zone

  • Day to day schedule of Carter (63:49)

    • Started becoming a morning person and getting up at 6am everyday

    • No one is awake, easy to focus on what he needs to do and pushes himself to the gym to get it out of the way

    • Breaks up the day and runs with what he feels like doing

  • Finish It Wrong (68:01)

    • The act of getting an idea in our head and storing it for a later use helps our personal growth

    • We know something has legs to it but it might not make sense in that very moment

  • Carter Reeves purpose is to make people happy (70:45)

    • Saw how he impacted people’s lives with AER’s music and wants to continue to do that with his

    • Happiness has always been effortless for him but he wants to bring it to other people

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question (75:25)

    • Who would you naturally be interested in having on the podcast dead or alive?

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see? (80:15)

    • Carter and Pharrell in his studio in Maine

  • Where to find Carter on social media

    • All Platforms: @CarterReeves

  • 2-3 pieces of advice for someone trying to find their passion/purpose (82:07)

    • A balance between what you’re naturally good at and putting yourself in a position to try something

    • Asking yourself if you truly enjoy it

    • Don’t put any boundaries of what you can/can’t do

    • See it through. If you tell yourself you’re going to do something, then do it.