Episode 82 - Chuck Herrera: Surround Yourself With Good People

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Chuck Herrera is the owner of Good People Coffee Co here in Los Angeles where they provide a high quality coffee served by staff who play an important role in making sure the customer experience is exceptional. Chuck not only wants to impact the people that come into his shop but even the farmers in the countries who supply him his coffee beans.

Born in East LA, he moved to the Inland Empire region of CA as child. He was surrounded by a younger sister and two parents who worked in the Real Estate industry. One of the best jobs he had growing up was working for a steel mill that made him work hard for his money which he enjoyed. A mix of hanging around with the wrong people and making bad decisions led him to having a felony arrest warrant on him for $50,000. After 5 weeks in jail he came out and knew he needed to change his life around.

Chuck went on to spend a full year out at a rehab center in the middle of the desert sobering up and trying to find himself. He went back to college at the The Art Institute and graduated with a Typography and Graphic Design degree which led him into freelancing for the majority of his career. Traveling to Africa twice in 2013 is when he realized he could use his passion for coffee to give back. People began to like the idea they were not only buying a cup of coffee but one that was positively helping the world.

In this episode Chuck discusses the process of making coffee & speciality drinks, helping his customers find that “thing” on his menu that they love, waking up every day ready to go, wanting to get people to be a little bit more honest with themselves, not giving up on yourself because you were created for so much more and the importance of surround yourself with good people.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only) 

  • Chuck Herrera today is the owner of Good People Coffee Co here in Los Angeles

  • Born in East LA and moved to Inland Empire, got caught up in the wrong crowd (7:18)

  • Getting his hands dirty working at a steel mill taught him work ethic  (9:08)

  • Getting arrested for having a felony arrest warrant on him for $50,000  (15:53)

  • Spends 1 year at a rehab program in Desert Hot Springs, CA sobering up and trying to find himself (19:58)

  • Graduated from Art Institute as a Typography & graphic design major (25:33)

  • Traveling to Africa twice in 2013 opened his eyes (26:33)

  • Opening up Good People Coffee Co (34:33)

  • Helping customers find “thing” on the menu that they love (38:53)

  • The process of making coffee and speciality drinks (43:43)

  • Introducing a brunch menu in Summer of 2018 (50:33)

  • Always create an experience + take care of your team (55:33)

  • Having coffee with the farmer of the first farm Chuck is going to adopt (57:08)

  • Gets up & gets after it every single day. Cycling and Jiu Jitsu are important in his day to day.  (58:43)

  • Chuck’s purpose is to get people to be a little bit more honest (61:13)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question (62:43): What specifically about young people do you want them to find?

  • Picture frame of Chuck 10 years from now (69:33)

  • Where to find Chuck & Good People Coffee Co on social media

  • Advice for trying to find a passion/purpose (72:53)

    • Don’t give up on yourself, you were created for so much more

    • Don’t be afraid to fail

    • Always stay true to your art