Episode 66 - Daia Larie: Traveling For 10 Months With 0 Plan

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In February of 2017 Daia had $1,200 to her name, no plan at all and bought a one way ticket to London not sure where the road would take her. What she didn’t realize at the time was that she was walking into a ten month adventure where should would visit 18 countries like Iceland, Indonesia, France, Italy and more all along the way capturing her journey via blog, videos or pictures on her Instagram. Just a year before she was living her life in Las Vegas working and once she got a taste of traveling she walked away from everything to see what the world had to offer.

She grew up in Los Angeles until she was 7 and then went to high school in Las Vegas. Her father was never around so her mother stepped up to the plate and was always hustling to make ends meet. When Daia wasn’t working 60 hours a week during her senior year she enjoyed dance and cheerleading. Although people around her were pressuring her to go to college she didn’t and instead followed what she thought was best for her.

At one point Daia had a car, full-time job, apartment and all the material items she could ever want but all it took was a four week trip to London that changed everything. Having withdrawals from being abroad she sold everything she owned. Instead of spending her money on things that added 0 value to her life she began putting her dollars towards equipment that helped build her business or saved it to put it towards traveling.

In this episode Daia discusses the social skills she mastered from working retail, learning everything that she knows today from YouTube, how she was able to continue to travel after spending all of her money in the first two months, leveraging her Instagram following to get free accomodations at hotels & restaurants, believing in yourself is the biggest lesson she’s learned while traveling abroad, the first step to take if someone is looking to travel, there is no such thing as overnight success, why she stopped blaming other people for how she was feeling and knowing that every person had to start somewhere to get to where they’re today.

One of the big takeaways from this episode is that not having a plan isn’t always a bad thing. Yes we need to have a sense of direction of where we’re headed but we don't have to have the fine details all laid out and that's what keeps life interesting.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version)

  • Who is Daia Larie today and how young is she?

    • Vlogger, blogger & photographer who is only 20 years young

  • Grew up in Los Angeles till she was 7 then moved around between Las Vegas, Texas & LA  (3:22)

    • Once she got to high school her mother kept her and her older brother (2 years) in the same spot

    • Didn’t pay attention in school. She was shy, quiet and would stick to her own  

    • Dance & cheerleading were her early passions that kept her focused

  • Being raised with a single mother taught her how to be independent from a young age (6:52)

    • Had Daia when she was 16 and her brother when she was 14. Her mother was always hustling.

    • She served as a mentor and she followed her mother's footsteps with everything that she did.

  • Senior year of high school Daia was working 60 hours of week (10:22)

    • Started off at Aldo Shoes as a cashier, then on the sales floor and became a top seller

    • Became a manager at New York & Company while working at BCBG

    • Being in retail brought her out of her comfort zone and taught her how to communicate with people

  • Never had interest of going to college so she didn’t (12:02)

    • Almost went to cosmetology school but never did. Even though people around her were pressuring her to go she followed her heart.

    • Learned everything she needed to know from herself and using YouTube

  • February 2017, had $1200 in her pocket, no plan at all but eager to travel and she started a 10 month trip (13:27)

    • Best friend backed out of their trip to London a week before, she still went for a month and quickly fell in love with it

    • Returned home, sold all of her “stuff” and launched a travel & fashion blog

  • Flew back to London and used it as her starting point (18:17)

    • Used Instagram to connect with people that were traveling abroad

    • A man in Barcelona tried walking her back to her hostel because of what she was wearing. She broke down because of the incident but learned to be careful of who she interacted with

    • Met one of her really good friends at a hostel

  • Ran out of money in April & would exchange work for food and a place to sleep (23:52)

    • Travelled to Paris, Barcelona and France until her friend had to go home

    • Had $60 to her name, someone she met at a hostel offered her a place to stay in Nice, Italy and she lived there for a month

  • Touched 18 countries (Indonesia, Iceland, Thailand, France, Italy & More) in just ten months (27:57)

    • Waking up at 5AM, checking out waterfalls and exploring the town/city is what she enjoyed the most

  • Hit 20,000 followers on Instagram and plans to use this platform to pay for her passion of traveling (28:57)

    • Now that she has a following she’s used it to leverage free accommodations of hotels

    • Some people have offered $150 to have her write a blog post

    • Puts a lot of effort into her content. Images, captions & hashtags are all calculated beforehand  

  • Believe in yourself is the biggest lesson she’s learned since traveling (33:22)

    • You can’t focus on the people that don’t believe in you

    • Is no longer materialistic and only spends her money on things that’ll help her grow (equipment, flights etc)

  • Saving money and doing the research is the best first step forward if someone is interested in traveling (38:37)

    • Skyscanner is where she books her flights for the cheapest

  • Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life (40:37)

    • Keep your mind away from negative things or they will swallow you up as a person

  • Stopped blaming other people for how she was feeling (43:12)

    • Write out your feelings on a piece of paper and go back to it later to access why you’re feeling that way

  • Work really hard, nothing comes overnight (47:07)

  • Studying the people she looked up too and understanding how they got to where they’re helps with the fear of taking a leap to do what she loves (48:57)

    • People that we admire had to start from somewhere - it takes a lot of hardwork and the success doesn’t come overnight

  • Diaia purpose is to inspire people to do things they actually want to do (55:42)

    • Show people that with hard work you can get paid to do the things you love doing

  • 2018 she wants to get enough sponsorships so that she can travel completely for free  (57:02)

    • Teach and inspire people along the way as well as to not forget what her purpose is

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question: What is one thing in 2018 you want to step outside of your comfort zone and do that has to deal with traveling? (59:07)

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now (62:37)

    • Traveled to everywhere in the world, with her mother and family

  • Find Daia on social media

  • 2-3 pieces of advice for someone trying to find their passion/purpose (64:37)

    • Figure out what you want to do, don’t do things to please other people

    • Try things out because you’ll never know where they’ll take you unless you give it a shot

    • Believe in yourself and learn