Episode 47 - Evan Nyman: Don't Tell The World Your Plans, Show Them

Ever since the launch of the podcast my head is always on a swivel looking for what could be the next possible guest. I was back in Chicopee, MA for a weekend visiting family and had gone out to a local bar last minute with some friends when I spotted Evan. This is someone I’ve heard about for years, as “that guy” from the next town over who was known for being a barber and driving around the luxury cars. Without hesitation I went up to him, pitched him the concept of the podcast and he handed me what looked like a folded up $100 bill. To my surprise it was his business card printed to look as if it was a bill.

From the outside looking in people might think this guy comes from money being that he is only 25 years young, owns a successful ‘Bentley’s Barbershop’, has a couple rental properties and now has a party bus rental company just starting up. In actuality, he’s worked from the ground up to make this happen.

During his freshmen year of high school he started giving himself lineups just to make sure his haircut was on point anytime he walked into school. That’s the only concern kids had on their mind their looks, clothes they rocked and the car they drove. Eventually he started doing it for his friends and one thing led to another he was running a full shop right out of his garage. After being kicked out of his school his junior year and going to an alternative school down the road he was still close to everything that was happening in his hometown of Ludlow, MA because people would stop by his house for a cut or even just to kick it.

After graduating and receiving a $10,000 grant he went on to barbershop school to get his license, convinced a local shop to give him an opportunity to prove himself and brought his clients whom he had been working on for years now to the shop and that’s when things picked up. He built bulletproof cliente based off of building good relationships as well as a consistent haircut that made them happy. It was an easy transition for when he finally opened up his own shop at the age of 24 because when the doors first opened, his clients were there waiting.

One of the maintakeways from this episode is don’t tell the world your plans, show them. People like to spend a great deal of timing tell everyone what their plan is, how they’re going to do it and they actually never move forward on to executing it. Evan for instance wrote in his high school yearbook that by the age of 24 he wanted to own his own shop and that is exactly what happened. Know what you want, don’t worry about what people will think and go out there and execute. Your work will do the speaking for you, I promise.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Format) 

  • Who is Evan Nyman today and how young is he?

    • 25 years young, successful entrepreneur

  • Grew up in the small town of Ludlow, MA (3:30)

    • Wasn’t easy, most people living there were Portuguese and Evan was not

    • Kids he grew up with came from money so he was always trying to keep with them with the nice gear  

  • Evan didn’t fail school, school failed him. Didn’t teach him the way he was supposed to be taught (4:45)

    • Had the lowest grade point average, was the class clown and back talked the teachers

    • Got kicked out of school his junior year. Knew if he dropped out he would never get his G.E.D. so at 15/16 he went to alternative school, Mill Pond School in Springfield, MA

    • Best thing that ever happened to him - was more focused and knew he had no other option if this didn’t work

  • Started cutting hair during his Freshmen/Sophomore year and and had built up a mini clients(7:30)

    • Would get out of school and run his mini barber shop in his garage. Evan would catch up with his boys and people would come just to kick it

    • Wasn’t until he had a father show up at his shop did he realize he needed to start charging for the haircuts

  • Do what you love & you’ll never work a day in your life 

  • Inspired to first pick up the clippers because he was only getting a haircut once a month and in order to keep up with everyone at school he taught himself how to give lineups (11:00)

    • People started asking where he was going and then slowly turned into his clients

  • Mother pushed him to take it more serious because he liked it and Mill Pond gave him a $10k grant towards his Robin Roy Academy barbershop education (12:00)

    • Went for 9 months straight to complete the 1,000 hour course because he knew he’d procrastinate if he didn’t go straight through it. Has helped him till this day to stop putting things off

    • Was in class 8-4, got home for 5:30 and would cut hair till 11/12pm that night for lunch and gas money for the next day

  • Everything happens for a reason (14:30)

  • Finished school and started working at Brian’s Barbershop (17:15)

    • Could keep cutting in his garage rent free but knew if he wanted to grow/expand he needed to be in a shop. Proved himself and the shop brought him in and gave him his own chair

  • Consistency creates longevity (20:00)

    • When Evan launched his shop his clients followed him because the haircut will look the same every time

    • Shows up to the shop everyday in a suit. Never knows who is going to walk into the shop and is always ready  (23:30)

  • Being so young and a barbershop he’s been called a ‘drug dealer’ over the years (30:30)

    • Wears nice clothes, drives a nice car with big rims and it's a cash business

    • Considers himself a hustler, someone who works very hard for their money

    • Work hard for your money then make your money work hard for you (35:10)

  • At 24 he opened up his own shop, “Bentley’s Barbershop”

    • Shop is filled with leather chairs, pool table with a chandelier, full-time chef for food while you wait, a shop duck because he wants to be a top dog and wants this to be the spot that people talk about (37:20)

    • Learned there is a lot more to running and owning a shop than there is just cutting hair for one

    • You don’t know where something might take you so starting it can be the hardest part (42:50)

  • Has fake $100 bills printed as his business card with his information on the inside

    • Drops them wherever he goes knowing that someone is going to pick it up

    • Passed one to a woman at Burger King and had the police called on him (45:20)

  • If the entire world was listening to Evan for a 45 min lesson, he would teach the value of hard work and entrepreneurial skills (50:20)

    • Push yourself because no one really cares about what you do so you need to do it for yourself

    • Stop talking about it and just do it

  • Showing love to people that you respect and admire without “riding them” (54:50)

    • When people are working hard they need to hear it because it gives them the extra boost

  • People shouldn’t shy away from the things they fear but instead attack them

    • Don’t be afraid to fail, just get it done

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 Question

    • Do you feel confident enough to up and move to Los Angeles?

  • You can do anything that you want to do… don’t make any excuses

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see

    • A man of many businesses that he’s created from the money he’s made from cutting hair

    • Every week there is something new but every year there will be a dramatic change. A multi millionaire doing something big

  • Feels more successful with less money owning a barbershop rather than having the money sitting in his pocket (67:40)

  • Where to find Evan on social media

    • Instagram: @LordGrimington

  • 2-3 pieces of advice to someone trying to find their purpose/passion

    • Take a step back and look at yourself from outside the box on what you love to do and find a unique way to bring people value just go 150%

    • Stay in your lane and mind your business. If it doesn’t directly affect you, don’t waste your time and energy worrying about it (78:10)

    • Don’t waste time because you can’t get it back