Episode 53 - Gibson Hazard: Build Relationships By Doing Stuff For Free

Gibson Hazard Part 2.jpg

Annnd we back! Not only is this the first podcast being released from our new home base in Los Angeles, CA but it is also the first follow up episode we’ve ever done with a previous guest. Gibson Hazard first appeared on the podcast for Episode 22 back in February 2017 where he discussed with us his childhood, dropping out of college and how he first got into his passions for photography and videography.

Over the past 8 months he hasn’t slowed down and is prime example of what happens when we’re consistently working on our craft over time. You can only get better.

In March of 2017 he joined hip-hop artist KYLE on his ‘Super Tour’ where he got his first taste of being part of a nationwide tour and then joined hip-hop artist 6lack in May 2017 on the ‘Legend Of The Fall Tour’ with the Weeknd in arena sized venues. In these next few months Gibson will be joining hip-hop artist Future in both Europe and Australia and 6lack in Australia supporting Migos.

I pay special attention to any of the guests that come onto the podcast because not only do I care that they’re part of my journey with this project but I also care to see them thrive in whatever industry they work in. I can honestly say it has been a ride to watch what Hazard has been able to accomplish and I know he really is still just getting warmed up and has a lot more in him to go. There will be a part 3, 4 and 5 to his story.

One of the main takeaways from this episode is to be willing to do stuff for free for people in order to build relationships with the people that you would one day like to work with. Nobody ever enjoys doing stuff for free but when you have hundreds of other people wanting to do that same job as you, we have to find a way to stand out. Short term sacrifices will only open more doors for the future and so long as we can remind ourselves of why we’re doing what we’re doing it will only make it easier.

Podcast Outline ( Markers For Audio Version)

  • Who is Gibson Hazard today?

    • 21 years young videographer/photographer/creative

    • First appeared on Purpose in the Youth for episode 22, this is the first ever follow up podcast  

  • 8 months since he first appeared on the podcast, still is essentially the same person who has continued to work hard and continued to improve (5:15)

    • This journey is process oriented and the actual process hasn't changed, everything just takes time

  • Gibson wants to make the best content he can possibly create (7:00)

    • Half of it is challenging himself to see what he can create and the other half is knowing that people are expecting him produce which he loves so he needs to exceed their expectations

    • Working with these artists on huge tours he understands that the videos will reach a huge audience in which he needs to deliver

  • As long as you believe what you’re creating is dope, then that is all that matters

    • Put your stuff out there to the world and see how people react to it

  • Huge part of his learning process is trial and error, solving problems along the way as he visions what he wants to create and then finds a way to do it (12:50)

    • Watches tutorials or just messes around with the program until he finds a way to make it work

  • Stayed away from touring and spent the the entire 2017 summer trying to level up his craft

    • Realized it’s hard to focus on something when you don’t have a deadline, end goal or a project you’re working towards (14:30)

    • Having friends that hold him accountable for what he says he is going to do is important

  • Went on his first national headlining tour with KYLE for his “Super Tour” (19:50)

    • Was a huge point of improvement for him as they were doing shows every night

    • Artists give Gibson full control of his creative process and allow him to produce whatever he visions  and what he is comfortable with

    • Learned the ropes of being on the road for a long period of time and how to actually get his work done  

    • Started to receive heavy positive feedback from the videos for the tour and it pushed him to keep running with it

  • Putting out your work even if it’s not your best product

    • If you continue to work on your craft you will only get better with time and people will begin to recognize since your previous work is all documented

  • The importance of being honest and telling your truth

    • Don’t try to “show off” things that you don’t own, people will gravitate towards the realness (24:90)

    • With technology and the access to the internet it’s easy to distinguish what is fake / what is real

  • Went on the “Legend Of The Fall Tour” with The Weeknd as 6lack’s videographer (34:00)

    • Realized the best way to build a relationship was doing stuff for free and 6lack had seen his 30 second video he had made and brought him on tour

    • Shooting in large arena’s made his job easier because there was a lot to shoot and the production of the tour was incredible

    • Took some huge photos of The Weeknd with Drake, ASAP Rocky, Travis Scott, Playboy Cardi and other special guests along the tour

    • Last day of tour the head of security for The Weeknd banned Gibson from taking photos in the pit

  • The gear that Gibson uses for shooting shows and tours (47:10)

    • Shoots with a Sony A7s for everything

      • 1635 lens, 60/120 frames per second

  • Has a visual for what he would like to bring to his videos next (49:15)

    • Trying to incorporate Cinema 4D and after affects to create a seamless flow visual. The more times you watch the video you begin to pick up on different things that are happening in it

    • Would like to create videos that are a puzzle for the viewer to watch

  • Applying himself to a project only helps him get better versus trying to watch tutorials on how to create things (60:00)

    • There needs to be a purpose for the work he’s creating and not just “for fun”

  • Heading out on tour for the next few months

    • Working with Future in Australia and Europe

    • 6lack in Australia opening for Migos

    • Moving forward he would like to be more versatile shorter, create content that goes viral (gifs, 5 second videos, moving pictures etc) (65:30)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question

    • Being in LA now, what’s your next step with the podcast?

  • Super important to build something before you move to a major city like Los Angeles or New York

    • Take advantage of the opportunities around you before you move somewhere that is saturated with people doing the same thing as you (71:40)

  • Wants to make sure he only works on projects that he’s passionate about (76:25)

    • Cares more about passion project’s versus the ones who’re paying the most

  • Twitter questions (78:00)

  • Where to find Gibson on social media

    • @Gibsonhazard on all social media

    • @GDintersmith11 on Snapchat

  • What 2-3 pieces of advice would you give to someone trying to find their passion/purpose

    • Everyone is entertained by something. Look at the stuff you do in your free time and explore it till you find a way to get paid to do it.

    • Your passions can be right in front of you